Load HEAT- Memorial Day


Killed in action: Kristoffer Domeij died in Afghanistan on his 14th deployment with the Elite Army Rangers

SFC Kristoffer Domeij, USA

Killed in action: Lieutenant Ashley White, 24, died in the same IED explosion as Sgt. Domeij

1LT Ashley White, USA

SPC Robert Donevski, USA

SSG Octavio Herrara, USA

LCPL Benjamin Tuttle, USMC

SPC David Hickman, USA

SPC Edward Myers, USA

SGT Edward Shaffer, USA

CPL Bradford Payne, USMC

MAJ Gregory Stone, USAF

LT Michael Murphy, USN

CSM Michael Barreras, USA

8 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Memorial Day”

  1. We are diminished as a nation by these losses.

    CSM Michael Barreras was involved in the rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch.

    The media got almost everything wrong about that ambush. Sgt Donald Waters was the one who fought until he was out of ammo, wounded in four places, then captured by Fedayeen, and executed with two shots to the back while a prisoner. His covering fire saved a number of Ameerican lives. Even the Fedayeen admired his bravery. His name was never mentioned by the media.

    The media hero PFC Lynch’s gun jammed, and she was knocked unconcious early in the battle. She was brave in captivity, as was PFC Patrick Miller. The media obsessed over her.

  2. So, a post about CS on the same blog. that must be why my eyes are watering over this edition of Load HEAT.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I was startled to see CSM Barreras’ picture here. I am ashamed I didn’t know of his death.

    I had the privilege of working alongside the AMU while he was their sergeant major. I didn’t know him well, but I admired him a great deal. He was one of those quiet leaders who make everyone around him want to be better soldiers.

    Never knew he was involved in the PFC Lynch rescue, just that he was a Marine, a Ranger, and an extraordinary professional.

    I’m late to this thread, but I hope you won’t mind my adding this.

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