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The U.S. Army is quietly putting the word out to commands that it is replacing its current Universal Camouflage Pattern with a pattern the service has owned for more than a decade.

The Army’s senior leadership has selected Scorpion, a pattern similar to MultiCam that was developed around 2002, according to a source with knowledge of the decision.

Sgt. Major of the Army Raymond Chandler III has been briefing senior sergeants major throughout the Army about the new pattern for the Army Combat Uniform, but details are still limited.

The Army was poised to announce the results of its multi-year camouflage improvement effort nearly a year ago, but congressional language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2014 called on the Pentagon to put an end to the services branding their ranks with unique camouflage uniforms.

via Army Selects New Camouflage Pattern |

Yes, it will cost money. On the other hand, damn near any pattern is better than the current UCP used on ACUs.

Understand, this isn’t a replacement for the Multi-Cam used by units deploying to Afghanistan. This is, instead, to replace the awful grey-green pattern the Army currently issues as its standard uniform.
Will the Army find itself needing to order specific uniforms in a few years for a specific theater? Maybe. But if so, that’s OK. In the meantime, this pattern looks far more likely to be suitable for a variety of regions than the deeply flawed UCP.

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  1. Can the Army stay with one uniform? It seems that every new Chief of Staff of the Army or Sergeant Major of the Army wants a change.

    Other services have similar issues. McPeak for the Air Force (shudder) and NWU (aquafage) for the Navy. Any polyester/nylon in a uniform worn at sea is a blunder.

    FWIW, the Coast Guard and NOAA are doing it right.

  2. Sadly, I need replacements for all of my unsightly faded ACUs right now. Can’t wait for this.

  3. I see nothing wrong with theater specific battle dress uniforms. There will never be a universal cammo pattern, unless the uniform becomes some sort of active system that can change on the fly like a Chameleon. Such a uniform would be prohibitively expensive, although it looks technologically possible now.

  4. Maybe they could go to one standard uniform for all theaters for ordinary garrison duty. Maybe call it a “Utility” uniform”, for work details and such. Then they could issue something called a “Field Uniform” in the appropriate camouflage scheme and fabric for training and combat and such and kept with your sleeping bag and other field gear. It could be issued by the units along with web gear etc.

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