Obama Revealed in Guatemala Policy | FrontPage Magazine

If you were observing U.S. diplomacy in search of the curious – and you had decided to eavesdrop at one of its remotest, least-visited quarters – you would go to the Central American republic of Guatemala, where you would find something quite revealing about the nature of Barack Obama.

This is not an exercise for a slow day. America’s diplomacy in Guatemala is a devastating exposé of Obama’s political character. Through U.S. actions in Guatemala—far more than in Benghazi, in the Ukraine, in the Middle East or elsewhere—Obama stands forth, undisguised, as a left-wing radical. If this stuff were happening in the U.S., or in other regions that get any kind of spotlight, people would be confused about it because Obama’s gigantic spin-machine would be making them dizzy. But this stuff is happening in Guatemala, and Obama feels no need to apply the spin because no one from the United States is looking.

Well, almost no one.

via Obama Revealed in Guatemala Policy | FrontPage Magazine.

From Day One, Obama as President has supported extremist, Marxist left wing groups in South America, in spite of the lawlessness and criminality of their actions. Every chance he has had to diminish the US in the eyes of the citizens of South America, he has done so.