So What if Putin Plays Hockey!

Vladimir Putin revels in his tough-guy “man of the people” image.  A martial arts expert, a firearms expert, Putin even worked out with the Russian Hockey Team recently, and did passably for a man at 60.


All well and good.  But OUR guy plays baseball!


Good Lordy.  We are so screwed.

5 thoughts on “So What if Putin Plays Hockey!”

  1. The USA is blessed that the days of single combat between leaders are long past.

    Wait, we don’t even have leaders anymore. We have “the komodo dragon ate my homework” perennial adolescents in charge now.

    1. If we were still in the days of single combat, he would never have made it past shield-bearer, or, if he had, would have suffered mightily in the lists before having a chance to control a small duchy, let alone a country.

  2. Why oh why do not the SCOAMFs PR people stop him from touching a baseball?
    He is NEVER gonna get it.
    He always looks like a right-hander trying to throw lefty.
    He is a clown-show…

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