Patch Tuesday

Dad’s helmet bad.

Patch Tuesday

My current one is vanilla, with no patches, but most guys in Bradley/tank units have at least a name tape sewn on them. I had a nametape, CIB, and a couple of division patches on my old one.

And yes, that’s my old poncho liner used as a backdrop.

3 thoughts on “Patch Tuesday”

  1. When I became a Scoutmaster I got a new helmet bag (we called them CVC bags) and have it covered in Scout patches.

    My first had my rank, some scare badges and unit patches….1 ID, 24 ID, 101 ABN…and US Army Logistics Center. I love the irony.

  2. I’ve been lugging the same CVC bag around since about 1995. I’ve had HH6 sew it up more than a few times, but I’ve never sewn a patch on it. Too lazy, I guess. I have always planned to. Now I’d be torn about which ones to put on or not, whether to put multiple instances of the same patch on for multiple tours, and whether to go with ACU colors for the new ones or all BDU colors… Too many questions. I am paralyzed. Thanks.

    Since I am out of a job in 8 days, maybe I will do it after that…. Hmm.

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