The Army's New Helmet Design Comes with Built-In A/C

It’s starting to look like the soldiers of the future could almost fight in space. The Army’s latest helmet concept, specifically designed for chemical-biological protection, includes a respirator that keeps the air clean and cool, like a mini air conditioner built right into the mask. It also looks very badass.

Well, to be more specific, it looks like a real-life Halo helmet (or a motorcycle helmet). It also looks like the Army really does have a bit of a thing for Halo, since the last helmet update we saw looked equally as inspired by the game.

via The Army’s New Helmet Design Comes with Built-In A/C.

I started my Army career with the old steel pot helmet, which was terribly uncomfortable. After a while, we transitioned to the PASGT Kevlar helmet, which was just as uncomfortable, but at least had the virtue of being considerably better protection. Since then, the Army has moved on to the ACH, a lighter, slightly smaller version of the Kevlar, and is in fact on its second generation of ACH.

As for the protective mask, I used the same old M17 and M25 of the Vietnam era. Neither could be considered comfortable in any way, thought the M25, designed for combat vehicle crewmen, could at least be plugged into the vehicle’s pre-filter, which had a fan to make it a bit easier suck in air. Still, both were always a sweaty mess. And shooting the Brad while wearing the M25 was pretty much the worst engagement of Table VIII.

14 thoughts on “The Army's New Helmet Design Comes with Built-In A/C”

  1. Just as long as that stormtrooper-looking helmet doesn’t reduce the aiming skills of an 11B to those of a stormtrooper.

  2. Two additional tests for this helmet should be conducted immediately.

    One is a Lance Corporal hammering in half a dozen tent stakes with it because he ran over the sledge, broke the handle, and didn’t wanna tell the section chief.
    The second is just how much these bad boys get when you pawn them at Saigon Sam’s.

    I LOVED the steel pot. It fit well, looked cool, and you could wash your feet in it.

    1. …and but for paint flecks could be used for cooking (popcorn).

    2. It was also something to sit on, sometimes a pillow, and a useful bucket or scoop.

      Paint flecks? Now you tell me.

  3. I wish they would quit with all these stupid projects, we’d be a lot better served by putting that money into training, or a new cannon for the Bradley than by all this goofy looking extra shit to carry and worry about breaking.

  4. Hahahahah look at that thing,please can someone tell me how I’m going to aim my weapon?

  5. I only wore the steel pot. I didn’t find it very uncomfortable and it could be used for a myriad of tasks.

  6. The hardest engagement on Table VIII wasn’t the NBC one. It was the one where the LT had to shoot. My unit made the gunners stand up with head out of the turret to make sure that the gunner wasn’t the one shooting.

    1. The only LT I qualified with was actually pretty good in the turret, gunnery wise (indeed, he was a pretty good officer all around). Shooting gunnery from the BC seat was actually pretty easy. I spent enough time alone in the turret I got used to being able to reach over to the gunner side and flip the mag power lever and dial the range. Mind you, maintaining situational awareness really requires a gunner and a BC, but simply shooting is pretty easy for just one man in the turret.

  7. Unfortunately for me, I had a very bad XO who knew everything and didn’t want to listen to anyone including the company master gunner. He missed every target he tried to shoot at..scored a 900 on Table VIII.

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