Hizzoner’s Last Flight


There’s something that you’ll want to go read over at I don’t know; ask the skipper:

It wasn’t necessarily his last flight evah. It was his last flight in that particular tour of duty, in that squadron, on that boat. Then again, there was certainly no guarantee of another sea-based sortie. This fella – if I remember the callsign correctly – we will refer to as Tex from this point forward. His call sign sounded similar. It might have even rhymed.

Go read the rest.

Make sure to add the blog to you daily read too. Lots of great stuff there.

What a great way to hang up the spurs.


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  1. Thanks xbrad, that still pisses you off doesn’t it. That Mary gave me a coin and not you.


    1. xbradtc:

      My most sincere and abject apology. I thought that I had posted a comment on this site about this posting, but today I found that the post that I thought you had deleted is ( and was ) on the same story at another site. Again, I apologize for my rude and uncalledfor comment above.


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