Michelle Obama's Trite and Meaningless Gesture


By now most of us have seen the above image of First Lady Michelle Obama holding a “hashtag” sign in reference to the kidnapping of nearly 300 Nigerian Christian girls by Islamic extremist terror group Boko Haram. Maddening as it is, the image is appropriately symbolic of the Obama Presidency. This silly idea that “Twitter” hashtags being circulated amongst empathetic bystanders somehow equates to actually DOING SOMETHING is right in line with the abysmally weak and ineffective foreign policy of her husband’s administration. Which is to say bold and serious talk of “red lines” and “changing calculus” is accompanied by stern warnings and finger wagging, talk of “consequences”, “sanctions”, and “pivots”, all amounting, like this hashtag nonsense, to nothing at all of any value or consequence.


Worse, Michelle Obama’s meaningless little stunt comes after her husband’s State Department assiduously avoided labeling Boko Haram as a terrorist organization for more than four years. The burning of churches, the murder and torture of thousands of Nigerian Christians, elicited not a peep from Michelle Obama. She seems only now to care in the slightest because Boko Haram’s campaign of terror and murder can be seen as a “women’s issue”.   And Lord knows she needs to be at the front lines in the “War on Women”. Just like Hillary Clinton, who now sees Boko Haram as “abominable” and “criminal”, committing “terrorist acts”. For the four years in which the State Department dithered in labeling Boko Haram as terrorists, however, the Secretary of State was that very same Hillary Clinton.

Also, Michelle, the abducted girls are not “yours”. Even though you think some idiotic picture of you with a “hashtag” showing “support” makes them so. They are the children of parents who have lived in fear of violence and death at the hands of these Islamic extremists for half a decade. Those extremists are armed partially by the very same weapons, and trained by the very same fighters, that your husband’s administration provided when it shipped arms to in Libya to overthrow a docile Khaddafi, all the while “leading from behind”.  Those Islamic extremists have now metastasized across Africa, into Mali, and the CAR, Algeria, and northern Nigeria. Boko Haram is, in no small part, what it is because of the wildly misguided and irresponsible policies of Barack Hussein Obama.

Men such as those that comprise Boko Haram and the other malignant Islamist terrorists that are soaking Africa’s sand with blood, Christian and Muslim?  They cannot be reasoned with. They are not open to “negotiation” or “beer summits”. Your pathetic display is fodder for their humor, as it shows how intellectually and morally weak you are. Such men as Boko Haram are not men with whom one can live peacefully, ever.  No, those men need to be killed. When it comes to that, other men, good men, far better men than your husband, leave their loved ones to face the danger and the fear, to risk everything to keep the wolves at bay.   They go because their country calls them to go. And because they know that the safety of those they love depends on their willingness to put their lives on the line to kill those with whom peaceful coexistence is impossible.


And when some of those good, brave men die keeping us safe, we honor them and remember them. Men like Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Chris Stevens.  Part of that ceremony involves the respectful handling of the symbol of the nation they fought and died for.   That’s right, Michelle. All that for a flag. Because their sacrifice is what stands between our children and Boko Haram. And they gave their last full measure of devotion. While you tweeted. Which is why you will never understand about the flag. Much to your lasting shame. Such men have always been proud of their country, even if you aren’t.  Because you haven’t the wherewithal to understand why you should be.

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  1. Where’s Michelle’s #AccountabilityforBengazi tweet? This is indeed a tragedy for these Nigerian girls, and the 50+ boys that were burned to death by Boko Haram earlier this year, and who knows what other horrible things this group has done. But what about the DEATHS of our 4 Americans killed by terrorism? When terrorist are allowed to kill Americans, an ambassador no less, and there is no punishment, how on Earth can anyone expect that other terrorists will even bat an eye over a hashtag!?!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. The hashtag action is just something to laugh at. Although this is not funny one bit….It actually is something very, very, very sad.
    And especially when you do some research about the things that group does and has done recently. Can’t be reasoned with, not when you’re doing such insufferable, indescribable acts. And God (or any other god whatsoever) has nothing to do with such things. 🙁

  3. Some hashtags I wish the Worst Lady would flash:

    # Will you miss me after 1/2016?
    # Are you buying any of the crap I am (have been) selling?
    # I am available for commencement addresses.
    # If we had a little more social justice in the world we wouldn’t have these problems?
    # We need more time to allow my husband’s ideas to work.

  4. As usual you are quite correct. Boko Haram , like pirates, areEnemies Of All Mankind, and are to be treated as such, by being hunted down and eliminated. Death is the only punishment that they rate.Such activities will continue, as long as finger wagging is the only consequence. But with metrosexual eunuchs of the Left in power, people will continue to die at the hands of scum like Boko Haram, as they are afraid to act like Men, and do what needs to be done.

  5. I believe the reason that “they” put such belief in Hash Tags/twitter is the notion that social connectivity elected “him”….twice thus will of course affect real world events in other countries. I want what they’re smoking, that’s got to be some good s _ _ _!!!!

  6. Interesting that among the President’s recent comments on the issue was that our military would have absolute no role in any rescue. #LeadingFromBehind

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