Infographic: Current Ukrainian and Russian Military Deployments



Various open sources place the total current Russian troop deployment at around 40,000. We know that Edward Snowden is working with the Russian government (remember the good old days when we’d shoot traitors?) and because of this the Russians probably have a better idea of how to evade US satellites (and shall we say “other” intelligence assests) that are currently monitoring the Russian military. I think a safe bet would be to add at least 30% to the open-source number.

Just my opinion anyway.

2 thoughts on “Infographic: Current Ukrainian and Russian Military Deployments”

  1. IF, we still executed traitors, we’d be without a legislative, judicial, & executive branch… Then what would we do?

    1. We would Live long & prosper. A revitalized private sector can do much of what government does today, better, cheaper, and more sustainablly.

      Not everyone in our government is evil. But it would be cool to use NSA metadata to identify the true believers in a Constitution-less fundamentally transfomed socialist / fascist America.

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