Shiver Away Those Extra Pounds!

The all-new “Sweatin’ to the Microbes!”

I know I need to lose a few, but didn’t think I would be doing it by lying in bed with the God-awful crud, shaking and sweating and coughing.

I know that John’s place (the Castle) is now a plague village, but so far I am the only victim up here.   I told Jackass Cat he was responsible, that the disease was brought in on the fleas of Cattus Cattus, but he challenges my understanding of that period of history.   Let’s hope we don’t lose two-thirds of the population.

Since I am self-employed, there is no such thing as a man-cold, because if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  So I worked yesterday and here I am today.  Which could lead to the absolute optimal Obamacare actuarial result.  Me keeling over dead at my desk, whilst sitting there, not building that.

But, somehow, I doubt it is mortal.

PS:  Jackass Cat carries his own disease.  Yeradam Pestis.

8 thoughts on “Shiver Away Those Extra Pounds!”

    1. You are the Queen of Outrage, to be sure. The “empathy” part needs some work….

  1. Plague house here as well. I ended up in the hospital for two days because I got dehydrated. When I got out, I was in better shape than my wife and we had to swap and I drove us home. Both of us are still down.

    Fortunately, it’s just the flu and not Yersinia Pestis.

  2. Hope yer feelin’ better soon, bro.

    …I’m wondering if that’s what hit my boss last week. He’s normally a healthy guy (former Navy corpsman) but got laid out last week. Even spent a night literally sleeping by the toilet, he was puking so much.

    Anyways, take care of yourself, and Jackass Cat as well.

  3. You have had Chief Jackass cat since he was a Jackass Cat Apprentice. That’s a long time! I hope you both get well soon!

    1. The cat is fine! Never even sneezed! I seem to have survived, though Boston Maggie questions whether I am now a zombie or not. I told her I didn’t think so, because zombies don’t have to worry about project deadlines or getting the yard raked.

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