Perhaps the Air Force Band….

should play a concert for the entertainment of these guys.

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Then, the entire Air Force Band can apologize to everyone who has been in combat.   THEN, they can don some desert uniforms, get on an airplane, and form the First Provisional Air Force Rifle Company and relieve some Marine or Army company patrolling in Helmand or Kandahar.  Perhaps after that, they can talk about “hell”, and “lack of sleep”, and “injuries”.

Meantime, Air Force Secretary James and Chief of Staff General Welch should remind Air Force Airmen not to act like spoiled little p*ssies for having to hump the Sousaphone when Soldiers and Marines are engaged in combat operations against our enemies.   Oh, and the Captain and Staff Sergeant who were among the bitchers and complainers in that AF Times article?   If they aren’t already out with a boot print on their respective asses, they damned sure should be.

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  1. Every single frackking day the USAF idiots provide another reason to disband them as Service. The USAF is deluded & dysfunctional. There are some good troops, PJ’s, Ordies, Rotary Pilots -they will fit in just fine with one of the other branches.

  2. Yeah, I always used to joke that I was in the “Army” part of the Air Force…and it was funny because it was mostly true. I got my pilot training at Fort Rucker with a crusty old Vietnam warrant named Sandie Angstrom, I even went to Jump School in 1990 so I could be a “5 Jump Chump” for the rest of my life. However, the arrogant tools who run the Air Force had (and still have) little use for folks like me, so I retired at 20 years and 1 minute after I joined. Nothing in that article surprised me in the least, the Air Force is full of civilians who like to think they are in the military. God help us if they are ever expected to put up a fight against anything more aggressive than the backed-up traffic at the front gate….

    1. PLJ:

      So you prefer “five Jump Chump” to “cherry jumper”? I’ve always refered to myself as a “cherry jumper”.


  3. My father went into the USAF in 1950. No idea why he chose it, but he was always grateful to be in the USAF rather than the Army.

    I think it’s long past time for the USAF to be broken up. Leave a strategic command in charge of the nukes, the nuke bombers and missiles, strategic transports and what used to be Air Defense Command. Send the rest to the Army. USAF has simply become a ridiculous luxury.

    1. Then you need to get the Chief of Staff of the AF and the AF Secretary to do their frigging jobs and get rid of these milquetoasts. Loudly.

    2. 3Box, I’m not. And there are a lot of people in the AF (like PaveLow John below) who have a tough, dirty job. PJs, CCTs, and a whole passel of people who have been doing unglamorous work on the ground, very often right next to their Army and Marine brethren.

      And I’ll freely admit the Army has more than enough pogues to go around.

      But the whining in that article was just so grating, I had to whip out a bit of snark.

  4. Thy panties – dewad them. Some chubby chick who got booted from the Tops in Blue for failure to obey a command says the schedule was harder than you’d think. Nothing to get exercised about. As much as she wallowed about in her self-pity, she never compared herself to the folks in combat. Or anybody else.

    Yeah, she’s pathetic. Yeah, she’s self-centered. Yeah, she has no sense of perspective. But Tops in Blue tossed her out on her whiny ass 3 years ago. No intervention of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force or the Air Force Secretary required.

    1. Oh horsesh*t.

      ““It was normally 18 hours. It was hell. There was one [stretch] we pulled 36 hours. Because of a lack of sleep, our entire team was sick. There were a lot of injuries. A lack of sleep, it just messes with your body.”

      Capt. Gavin Light agreed.

      “I remember days when we got two or three hours of sleep,” he said. “As a result, people would start to make poor decisions.”

      IT WAS HELL? And she wasn’t comparing herself to someone in combat? She sure was. And some jackass CAPTAIN agreed. The wadded panties are all Air Force Blue. With some sand which has gotten in their collective noonies.

  5. And she wasn’t comparing herself to someone in combat?

    Nope, the only comparison they made was to being on vacation. The fact that she used a little hyperbole to describe her experience has nothing to do with those who serve in combat.

    And what exactly did Capt Light agree with? Not her whole whinefest – just this statement, “Former members of Tops in Blue said the pace of touring and rehearsing is grueling, and sleep is hard to come by.” As a guy twice the captain’s age who pulled two all-nighters this week, I think his bleating is teh ghey. But I don’t think he’s saying that he’d rather be in combat because he thinks the hours are easier.

    If you want to yell at somebody, you might try the author of the article. Why he would choose to write an article about the Tops in Blue based on comments from a malcontent who was kicked off the tour is beyond me. Her sad sack story should have never made print. There must have been sexual favors involved.

    1. Interpret how you wish. A SNCO talking about the grueling rigors of band practice as “hell”, when there are other services actively engaged in combat is entirely inappropriate. If I were to yell at someone, it would be the SecAF and CSAF for not bringing the hammer down, and for failing to imbue the mentality which would have made these two understand just how inappropriate and whiny this was.

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