Guns in Kennesaw

You may have seen in the news yesterday that a disgruntled worker went on a shooting spree at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, GA, yesterday, wounding six people before turning his gun on himself and committing suicide.

Of course, radical left wing blog Think Progress gleefully noted that Kennesaw has a rather unique municipal ordinance, one that requires each household to own a firearm. TP wonders where the armed citizen responders were, why didn’t this heavily armed community immediately gun down the attacker?

The answer is, of course, just what you and I expect:


Now, FedEx, like most private entities, is free to restrict the presence of weapons on its facilities. I’m not even going to suggest that FedEx should reexamine that policy. They have the right to decide.

But I am hard pressed to think of any mass shooting incident in recent history that hasn’t taken place in a “gun-free” zone.

6 thoughts on “Guns in Kennesaw”

  1. A relative sent me that T(oilet) P(aper) post yesterday, explaining how bad guns are when mandated. I wrote back to tell her that the shooting occurred in a gun-free zone, and that the workers were not allowed to take their weapons inside the workplace. If they had, I doubt the perp would have had the chance to hurt anyone.

    After receiving no reply, I asked her if she got my email, to which she replied, “I did but you are unreasonable.”


      1. Oh no…. I doubt she knows anything outside of liberal blogs. She’s a good little prog. It’s one reason she blocked and unfriended me from the social sites and only communicates by email 😉

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