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  1. Coke was losing share of a shrinking cola market. Pepsi was beating them. To lure Pepsi drinkers to Coke, they developed this New Coke that tasted like Pepsi and stopped making ‘real’ Coke. The actual result was that Pepsi drinkers stayed where they were and Coke drinkers stopped drinking Coke. Duh! When Classic Coke reappeared it used high fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar. Some bottlers had already been ding that. But now ‘real’ coke was gone.

    Of course REAL ‘real’ Coke disappeared in the 1970s at the same time as the introduction of plastic bottles. No one seems to know why but there was a definite taste change. I know someone who bought a whole sh!tload of the old 28.8 oz. ‘family size’ green glass bottles as they were being phased out. He poured me a glass a couple of years later. I did not see or know about the bottle. Zowie! Suddenly memories of hot summers, off the grill hot dogs and ice cold cokes filled my head. This WAS ‘The Real Thing’! A bit more bite, a tastier sweetness, a tinglier carbonation. REAL Coke!

  2. We often buy Mexican Coke from one of the local Mexican grocery stores. It comes in a glass bottle, is bottled in Mexico and therefore is made with sugar. It does taste better. My 17 year old, who had previously never had anything but Coke made with corn syrup, thinks the Made in Mexico variety is the best Coke ever to cross his lips. It is now the only Coke he drinks. For the record, I have always HATED Pepsi. And I also HATED New Coke. What a moron move. I switched to Mt. Dew during the New Coke fiasco. I didn’t go back to Classic Coke until a couple of years later. Now I drink Diet Dr. Pepper because the diet coke products suck ass.

    1. Coke Zero is very different from Diet Coke and tastes rather similar to non-diet Classic Coke. Some like it, some don’t.

  3. Coke has never been the same since the switch to corn syrup. Man, but Coke was good stuff! 30 years ago, and I still miss it.

    1. I can live with corn syrup Coke. And when I can’t, the local Costco sells PCS Coke in 12oz. glass bottles imported from Mexico.

  4. When I came back from Italy in 1973 I noticed a definite change in the taste of Coke. I hated it and quit drinking it. I went to Pepsi and Root Beer, until Hires and Dad’s disappeared. Corn Syrup wrecks everything it touches.

    I can understand why Corn syrup as it is easier to handle than cane sugar, but wrecks the taste of soft drinks and is far worse for you than cane sugar. The local Craft Beer Brewer also makes Root Beer and Birch Beer with cane sugar. It tastes far better, but I don’t drink much of that as it takes a special trip of 16 miles to the next town south to buy it.

    1. There was a change in the taste of Coke around that time, apparently coincident with the introduction of plastic bottles, But it was not due to corn syrup. Bottlers were not authorized to use that until about 1980, and then it started as a 50% limit. By the New Coke fiasco, all non-diet Coke used only corn syrup with no cane sugar.

    2. Imprecise language. I don’t know what caused the change, but it wasn’t plastic for me as I didn’t buy the stuff in plastic. I noticed in the Snack Bar at the Navy Exchange at NOB Norfolk. Tasted thick, flat and syrupy. German and Italian Coke tasted nothing like it.

      The taste of all soft drinks declined when they went to high fructose corn syrup. Coke is truly vile stuff these days.

    3. I did not say it was due to the plastic. There were 16 oz. plastic bottles before then and they still had the real Coke taste. That is what I normally grabbed at work. The change happened – in all container types as far as I know – about the time the ‘family size’ glass bottles were replaced by plastic bottles. Why? How? Shrug…

  5. True story. As a young 2nd Lt, I show up at the gun park, where we were equipped with the venerable M109A3 155mm SP Howitzer, to find several GALLONS of “new Coke” in the maintenance shed. Huh.

    After my first shoot with the battery, the gallon jugs of “new Coke” were by every gun. Finally I asked the platoon Sergeant. He informed me that they used the stuff to clean the bore evacuators and obdurator assemblies. That stuff would burn through the carbon in a few minutes, as opposed to several hours of scrubbing with CLP. It was something to see. The bore evacs would be factory clean, and the obdurator assemblies shiny as can be.

    I asked one of the section chiefs if anybody ever DRANK the stuff. He said F*CK no, that stuff is vile!

    There had to be a marketing angle in there somewhere.

  6. I’ve heard rumors that the whole thing was a stunt by Coke just to get a big reaction. I seemed to have worked. 🙂

    I’m a Pepsi guy myself. Don’t hate Coke; just don’t like it as much.

    Diet Dr. Pepper? Hell, yeah!

    Haven’t tried it in a while, but I used to like Diet 7-up as well. Can’t deal with Mountain Dew. Go figure.

    Barq’s Root Beer & Cream Soda, and Orange Crush? Nectar of the Gods…

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