Liaoning At Sea

The Chinese have slavishly copied the US Navy’s techniques and procedures as they learn to operate tactical jets from their first carrier, the Liaoning. Apparently, the also realize the critical importance of releasing “hooah” vids.



Spill thought this was pretty cheesy. I thought it was pretty good, though obviously not “homemade” the way most US vids are.

11 thoughts on “Liaoning At Sea”

  1. It mighta been a bit cheesy, but it is considerably less ghey than Top Gun!

    1. The good thing about Top Gun (the movie) is the theme song: Danger Zone.


  2. I thought the video was pretty good, though perhaps a bit over the top. Call me unpatriotic but I have always liked the Flanker in all its incarnations. But then I also like the MiG-21, despite its flaws.

  3. I’d say no less cheesy than any of our recruiting vids. In some respects, I’d say they did better than Navy Recruiting. I certainly get a definite “make me a recruiting video like the US Marines have” vibe.

    Joke if you want, there’s 100 Million Chinese dudes who are saying, “I wanna fly jets and be one of those rock stars.” They’re smart enough to watch and learn from the varsity– watch the “f” out. They learn fast. And if they kill a few making the same mistakes we did, no biggie in their eyes. There’s plenty more who are ready to mount up. I’m not seeing “Top Gun” so much as I am “The Right Stuff”– however you say that in Chinese.

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