Back before the introduction of the ATACMS missile system launched from the MLRS and HIMARS, the Army had the MGM-52 Lance missile system to deliver nuclear and conventional long range fires at Corps and Army level.


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  1. The Lance replaced the Sergeant, which replaced the liquid fuel Corporal. Way back when, the Army had quite a few missile types in its inventory. These included Honest John, Lacrosse, Little John and Dart. I saw an Honest John at Fort Hood in early 1967, part of 1st Armored DivArty, I believe.

    On the high end, there was the big Redstone and the really big Jupiter. The latter caused the Air Force to flip its lid – the Army having possession of a 1500 mile range missile carrying a thermonuclear warhead! This resulted in the Jupiters being reassigned to the AF. They did not really want them but definitely did not want the Army to have them. Retirement of the Jupiters in Italy and Turkey (never really operational) was the tradeoff for removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba.

    The Redstone was replaced by the Pershing, which went through several iterations and remained in service until the 1990s. I recall reading in Stars and Stripes in 1968 how a Pershing crew in Germany all re-upped together for six years. With a re-up factor of 6, this gave them each a whopping three years pay in bonuses.

  2. Originally to stem the red tide coming thru the Fulda Gap. One or two W-70 Mod 3’s inside of the beltway when congress is in session just might stem the tide of red ink with limited damage to our monuments; since there doesn’t appear to be any other way left.

    Perhaps the Chinamen have one up their sleeve.

    1. diogenesofnj:

      I like the way you think. Perhaps we could also find enough of those W-70s to fumigate the state capitols as well.


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