The Silent Tragedy of ILD


Inherent Laziness Disorder.  It affects millions of Americans.  It is silent, hardly noticeable, especially to those who have learned to cover its signs.   Symptoms include mostly-written posts that just need a finishing touch that never get published, or folded underwear that remains in the laundry basket for days, even weeks.  Smelly basketball clothes from Sunday still in the gym bag on the following Friday.  ILD can make you sit on your a** and watch television with a list of chores a mile long to be done.   Suddenly, watching two Czech tennis players you’ve never heard of becomes more important than the things you promised you would do on the next day off you had.  And you don’t even like tennis.

ILD can strike at any time, and it can affect your job, your family, even your health.  Won’t you please give today?

To learn more about the silent tragedy of ILD, please go to….  oh wait.  I was sposta build a website, wasn’t I?  Aww, to hell with it.  I’m gonna go watch re-runs of NCIS.

6 thoughts on “The Silent Tragedy of ILD”

  1. Poster (no pun intended) child here… I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. I get about 8 hours a night, and a couple of hours most afternoons. It’s the morning nap, I just can’t get to sleep.

  2. Oh like there is something wrong with watching NCIS reruns? (head slap!)

    And to QM: It is not ILD. It is remembering what you were supposed to do. Now where is that list I made? I might be able to find it if I could remember where I put my glasses…

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