Thank You!

One of you, dear readers, hit the tip jar over there on the right —>

All donations are, of course, gratefully accepted. I won’t say the funds go to any great purpose, other than supporting my lifestyle, or maybe buying coffee mugs for the co-authors.

Also, a reminder that I’m an Amazon affiliate. If you use the link in the right sidebar to start your shopping experience, I get a nice little bit of advertising revenue, AT NO COST TO YOU.

Every little bit helps, and it sure helps boost the ego that readers think this blog is worth not just their time, but even their money. So, again, thank you.

3 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  1. Yer not gettin’ a dime outta me, fella! Yer all a buncha rightwing extremists! ‘Cept for Roamy, who’s cute as a button!

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