Convair Model 48 Charger

If it looks a lot like an OV-10, it’s because it was designed and built for the same competition that the Bronco won.

6 thoughts on “Convair Model 48 Charger”

  1. I recall seeing a comparison of the two types in Flying Review International magazine in the mid-1960s. (Sadly my entire collection from the 60s and much else was destroyed in a flood.) I remember seeing drawings showing among other things how many troops each type could carry in tandem. Not many and they looked crowded sitting backward in tandem. Was that role ever used?

  2. I was amazed at the similarities. Primarily the Marines utilized the OV-10 for paradrop operations and recall a total of 4-6 personnel in the back facing aft. Good for very small force insertions. Few but some other service personnel got to jump occasionally with Marines but rare unless SpecOps, or right place right time kind of thing and regrettibly I was not that fortunate. The desire was big because the A/C design required a rather serious “nose high” attitude allowing the jumpers to slide out the end.

  3. Forgot to add that there was an “on the drawing board” version of an enlarged OV-10 that had a side-by-side cockpit and a cargo area that could carry 8-10 personnel if memory serves.

  4. Despite little resemblance, it vaguely reminds me of a Vampire Venom. Both ugly, anyway. Nice last 5 seconds to the video, with no special effects but a steady cameraman.

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