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  1. The F-35C noise level at 152DB will require new Mickey Mouse ear protection on the flight deck and ear protection BELOW decks. .

    The Pentagon’s Director of Test and Evaluation Michael Gilmore says in his 2014 annual report that engine noise is a “potential risk to personnel on the flight deck and one level below the flight deck.” Projected noise levels one level below the flight deck will require at least single hearing protection, he says. On most carriers this is a berthing area, but on the new carrier CVN-78 this is a mission planning space, Gilmore says. “Personnel wearing hearing protection in mission planning areas will find it difficult to perform their duties.”

  2. Twice, now, I have been tasked to send Bradley NCOs with combat experience to link up with engineers to talk about what we actually need in a combat vehicle. Both times, they’ve come back talking about the gold plating and how the engineers are surprised that what is really needed in a combat vehicle is simplicity and ruggedness. One intriguing idea that the engineers did have was a ramp that you could actually see through before dismounting. That would be cool, if it was ever feasible.

    1. Surely you don’t mean ideas coming from the “user” end….perish the thought! I mean if you don’t have an engineering degree from Cal Tech how could someone on the downward distal end of the ladder EVER think of something practical, useable, and dare I say less expensive! The preceding is tongue in cheek.

  3. What’s the problem with developing a new Army vehicle? It’s pretty simple, really. All the brass want is an air transportable, preferably amphibious, all-terrain vehicle capable of 40 mph day or night with protection against anti-tank weapons and the ability to destroy tanks, vehicles, and infantry day or night while carrying a squad of ___ men and their weapons and equipment internally, protected from nuclear, biological, and chemical agents and mines. The design should also be flexible enough to enable it to serve as a mortar carrier, ambulance, headquarters/command post vehicle, fire support vehicle, and logistics vehicle.

    Did I forget anything? If so, the design can always be modified at any stage to include changes.

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