Hard Evidence That Obama Has Started Arming Syrian Rebels?

Fresh video from the battlefields of southern Idlib province show the rebels using US-made BGM-71 TOW missiles. This weapon has never been observed in rebel use before. Coming on the heels of much speculation that the Obama administration has finally made the decision to aid the Syrian opposition with weapons, the arrival of the TOW missile in Syria is certainly suggestive. Former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford recently stated that he expected a move by the Administration to change the military balance in Syria.

via Hard Evidence That Obama Has Started Arming Syrian Rebels?.

I tend to subscribe to the theory at the end of the article- that the Saudis, with tacit Obama administration approval, is supplying the rebels with TOW missiles from their own or other friendly stocks.

9 thoughts on “Hard Evidence That Obama Has Started Arming Syrian Rebels?”

  1. Well.. if it keeps the war going, I guess. Still not comfortable with approval, tacit or otherwise, of our weapons going to Al Qaeda affiliated groups.

    1. I’m actually pretty OK with the Saudis arming the relatively good guys, if only to offset influence of Al Queda backed forces.

      And keeping the civil war going works for me.

    2. Right up until the “relatively good guys” get overrun by the Al Queda backed forces in the prevalent rebel on rebel pissing matches and those or MANPADS wind up elsewhere, unexpected and unpleasant.
      Yes. Let the animals kill each other to their hearts content. Just let them do it with sticks and stones.

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