Cutaway Thursday: IL-76MF "Candid"

Apologies to reader but I’ve been a little overwhelmed with other (read personal) things over the past few weeks. Anyway this week’s cutaway is Ilyushin’s IL-76 (NATO codenamed “Candid”).

The Candid first flew 2 days ago in 1971 and is the primary tactical transport aircraft for Russian military forces. Quite a few Candids were involved in moving Russian forces to Crimea and continues to support Russian forces in theater.

IL-76 CutawayYou can learn more about the IL-76 here.

1 thought on “Cutaway Thursday: IL-76MF "Candid"”

  1. When it first appeared the IL-76 was called a copy of the C-141 to which it bears a certain resemblance. Actually it was a better cargo aircraft, having sufficient width to carry larger vehicles, Not that the Starlifter was a bad aircraft. It served well and long with the USAF.

    I spent about 24 hours on a C-141 flying out of Bien Hoa after my tour of duty was over. The commercial flight I was scheduled on was commandeered to take prisoners back! I wangled myself some ‘available military transportation’ orders and hitched a ride with the Air Force. The exact destination was classified but ‘continental United States’ sounded good enough to me. When we stopped in Alaska I began to have second thoughts. But we took off again and landed at Andrews AFB in New Jersey. I took a bus to Port Authority in New York City and hopped in a cab. I told the driver where I wanted to go and he said “I don’t go to Brooklyn”. And I thought I’M HOME!!! It was such a perfect ending to the trip that I let him get away with it and took the next cab in the lineup.

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