Disastrously Delusional- Kerry on “Meet the Press”


The events of this week in the Ukraine, particularly Russia’s de facto occupation of the Crimea, have highlighted the shambles that is US foreign policy.  Aside from revealing the complete impotence of NATO, the situation which has evolved in the last 72 hours has brought to the fore the contrast between the Machiavellian power-broker realism of Putin/Lavrov and the naive and feckless bumbling of Obama and SecState John Kerry.

To the list of foreign policy disasters that include the Cairo speech, the West Point speech, cut and run in Iraq, a stunted “surge” in AFG, the “Arab Spring” debacle, leading “from behind” in Libya, the Benghazi attack and cover-up, supporting Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, being caught bluffing with the “red line” nonsense in Syria, selling out our Israeli allies to make a deal virtually guaranteeing a nuclear Iran, we have the crowning fiasco, and likely the most dangerous in long-term impact for the United States and the world.

Kerry’s appearance on “Meet the Press” today reveals just how misguided and dangerously naive the arrogant amateur buffoons are who are careening our ship of state onto the shoals at flank speed.

This is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. It’s really 19th-century behavior in the 21st century, and there’s no way to start with that if Russia persists in this, that the G8 countries are going to reassemble in Sochi. That’s a starter. But there’s much more than that.

Is he kidding?  Power politics was centuries old when Machiavelli defined it in his works in the 1530s.  Power politics has dominated every century since, including the 20th.  In fact, there is virtually no reason to suddenly embrace some notion of “21st Century” statecraft that is any different from that of the previous five centuries, since the emergence of modern nation-states.  That Kerry and Obama think otherwise, and think the rest of the world behaves accordingly, is the height of hubris.  Treating the world as you wish it to be rather than how it exists is simply bankrupt intellectual foolishness.  But there’s more.

And we hope, President Obama hopes that President Putin will turn in the direction that is available to him to work with all of us in a way that creates stability in Ukraine. This does not have to be, and should not be, an East/West struggle.

There is no excuse whatever, other than a willful ignorance of history, to utter such a decidedly stupid and ill-informed comment publicly.  The central theme to the existence of European Russia is an eight-century long existential struggle between East and West.  The tragicomic foolishness of Hillary Clinton’s “reset button”, so contemptuously ridiculed by Foreign Minister Lavrov, was indicative of just how amateurish and incompetent the Obama Administration’s foreign policy and national security players were, and just how precious little they understood the art of statecraft.  Statements like the above reveal how little those players know about the history of the nations and peoples with which that statecraft requires them to interact.

There is worse to come later in the interview with David Gregory.   These two positively head-scratching pronouncements can rightfully make one wonder how tenuous this Administration’s grip on reality truly is:

David, the last thing anybody wants is a military option in this kind of a situation. We want a peaceful resolution through the normal processes of international relations.

President Putin is not operating from a place of strength here. Yanukovych was his supported president… President Putin is using force in a completely inappropriate manner that will invite the opprobrium of the world.

Such a bizarre pair of assertions is difficult to explain.  The several thousand Russian forces, which include mechanized infantry, attack aviation, and self-propelled artillery certainly seem to point to the notion that Vladimir Putin believed some semblance of a military solution was desired to ensure Russia maintained a friendly buffer between Russia and what Putin believes is a hostile West.   A buffer that incidentally includes the strategically vital naval base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and has a population demographic of approximately 60% ethnic Russians.

As for understanding a position of strength, one might also wonder just how Kerry would go about defining strength.  There is virtually nothing NATO can do militarily, should they even be willing; the United States, with shrinking defense budgets, is in the midst of gutting its military to pre-World War II levels.   The leverage the EU has over Russia is limited, despite Russia’s very significant economic problems.   Any “opprobrium”, or threats by the US, France, Canada, and the UK to suspend the G-8 Summit, is positively pittance to the Russians in comparison to the security of their strategically essential western neighbors, regions that have countless times stood between Russia and destruction at the hands of a conquering West. Russia has acted virtually unchallenged, presenting a fait accompli to the West that, despite assertions to the contrary, will not be undone.  If ever there was a position of power, Russia holds it right now in the Crimea, and will be asserting it anywhere and everywhere in the “near abroad” that Putin has long promised to secure.

The United States never has had all that much leverage to prevent Russia and a talented autocrat like Putin from leaning on their western border states, despite the fitful attempts by the US to draw some of those states into the Western sphere.  The invasions of Georgia and South Ossetia in 2008 proved that beyond a doubt.  But what is most disturbing about the current crisis is watching the US Secretary of State and the US President misread, misstep, and attempt to bluster their way through another confrontation with a geopolitical rival that is acting without restraint and without regard for the empty rhetoric from the Obama Administration.   The most fundamental lesson of statecraft is that of understanding power.  To that end, we have another object lesson in the use of that power.  There is no such thing as hard power, soft power, or “smart” power.  There is just power.  As it has since antiquity, power consists of the capability to enforce one’s will upon an adversary mixed with the willingness to use that capability.

Putin and Lavrov know that lesson well.  They are hard-bitten professionals who act as they believe necessary to promote Russian interests and improve economic and physical security.  Obama and Kerry are rank amateurs, blinded by an ideology that begets a naive and woefully unrealistic understanding of how the world works.  They have been outfoxed and outplayed yet again, seemingly willingly forfeiting US influence and credibility in pursuit of a badly-flawed world view in which influence is based upon hollow threats and ill-conceived public statements.  Any doubts regarding that assertion should be erased when one listens to the cognitive dissonance emanating from our Secretary of State as he describes the Crimean crisis in terms which have little to do with reality.   It is to weep.

19 thoughts on “Disastrously Delusional- Kerry on “Meet the Press””

  1. It boggles the mind how mind numbingly stupid the Obama regime has been in all their foreign policy decisions.

    When we had MAD, things were much simpler.

    1. We still have MAD, which is why we aren’t doing anything. Letting Ukraine keep Crimea isn’t worth New York.

  2. They are doing the right thing. Rushing to start another war would be foolish and another mistake like Iraq that cost US blood and treasure. We cannot be the policeman for the world. In time, the Russians will pull out when they realize the costs of trying to solve ancient festering hatreds and wind up being more hated as an occupier of a hostile country,

    1. This situation should never have been allowed to occur. It is the fecklessness of this Administration that has allowed this to happen.

      1. Are you saying Obama should be silent about this matter?. Wouldn’t not saying anything be condoning the action? What should he do in your opinion was my original question.

    2. The cognitive dissonance you display is similar to that of the Administration. What they have done, previously, is to embolden Putin to act without restraint because of our bumbling, weak, vacillating, and amateurish foreign policy. Putin knows he holds the cards. Nobody is advocating starting a war, but when you know you have no leverage, shutting up and ending the trite bluster that makes everyone see how foolish and weak you are is a fine idea.

  3. When you look weak, as the ‘line that cannot be crossed’ in Syria showed this administration to be, strong men take advantage. Kerry threatened Syria and then had to roll that back because they hadn’t bothered to secure support first. They demonstrated their inability to use force and their inability to build consensus both within the US and internationally. Those who mocked ‘the coalition of the willing’ struggled to find ANY partners for Syria and the world noticed.

  4. I watched this interview yesterday and found myself impatiently asking SecState to answer the darn question, but to no avail. You have elegantly described why he wasn’t able to answer the question because the bliss of his ignorance has rendered him incapable.

  5. Question: “The central theme to the existence of European Russia is an eight-century long existential struggle between East and West.” Do you mean (a) Western Europe vs. Eastern Europe or (b) Eastern Europe (or more bluntly orthodox Christianity) vs. several kind of (neo)pagan or Islamic conquerors?

  6. “There is no such thing as hard power, soft power, or “smart” power. There is just power. As it has since antiquity, power consists of the capability to enforce one’s will upon an adversary mixed with the willingness to use that capability.” Well said, though sadly misunderstood by most politicians.

  7. I just can’t believe that the JEF and his ‘handlers’ let themselves(as brilliant as they imagine themselves to be), get painted into this corner.
    The JEF likes to talk tough, as all he has to do is “say the words” and things happen, Although, he actually has ‘not a fucking clue as to how things work’.

    He releases pictures of him ‘takin’ it to Vlad’ on the phone.
    What a “Tough” president!

    We have what, 35,000 – 50,000 troops in shitcanistan?
    They, and their equipment can get out through Russia, or Pakistan.
    (Our ally, Pakistan, nuked and sponsors of the Taliban, yeah, them).

    Our astronauts on the ISS are going to get home, how?

    Where do we get Titanium???

    The Euronaughts are no better-off.
    Well, NATO should rise-up and stop this!
    It’s WINTER and your GAS for heat/power/light comes from Russian gas through Ukraine.

    Putin planned this very well.
    When The Ukraine president ran on going with the EU, got elected, then got a better deal from Putin, the “Peasants are Revolting!”, Yeah, they stink on ice…

    When the ‘coup’ happened, Vlad felt his assets in Ukraine were at risk.
    Unlike Obama, he is a nationalist and loves his country.

    Vlad has ALL the cards here. Obama and the Euros painted themselves into a corner. Putin is not stupid. Obama is…

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