5 thoughts on “Cutaway Thursday: Hawker Typhoon”

  1. The only surviving Typhoon is being sent from England to be displayed at the Canada Aviation & Space Museum in Ottawa in time for the anniversary of D-Day. If you’re planning a vacation to the north, you might want to include that in your itinerary.

  2. And both the Sea Fury and F8F are regular entrants in the Unlimited class at the annual Reno Air Races. The big problem is that for radial-powered planes (Sea Furies ran Bristol Centarus sleeve-valve radials and the Bearcat continued the Navy tradition) most everyone yanks the original and slots in a Wright R3350 (B-29 engine) or a P&W R4360 (B-36 engine). The inline group may go from Merlin to Griffon for some extra displacement, but beyond that it’s crazy-high manifold pressures. Jack Roush may be a NASCAR guy, but I’ve got to think that his Allison/Merlin/Griffon rebuild/parts services bring in some serious coin.

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