Rights vs. Authority

Don’t bother reading all this nutterfluffer in this Althouse link. She’s so damned smart, why did she vote for Obama… TWICE?!

But this snippet hits one of my personal hot buttons:

As Freudenberg told Bittman: “What we need… is to return to the public sector the right to set health policy and to limit corporations’ freedom to profit at the expense of public health.”

This is me seeing red. People have rights. Groups of people, associations of people, corporations (which, in the end, are simply avatars of groups of people), have rights.

The. Government. Has. No. Rights.

What our government has, be it at the municipal, county, state, or federal level, is authority. But it doesn’t even have a natural, inherent authority. It has authority delegated to it by the people, the citizenry which it was constituted to represent.

It’s bad enough government forgets that far too often. But for policy advocates to not only ignore it, but condemn it is a shame.

6 thoughts on “Rights vs. Authority”

    1. Oh, I saw it. And someone wrote about it to the effect that she spent years at Harvard to learn absolutely nothing, but to reinforce her sense of self worth.

  1. I’m not sure why you’re so dismissive of the article? Professor Althouse seems to agree with you on the substance of the issue.

    Or were you referring to the bilge she was criticizing?

    1. She may agree with me, but anyone who is dumb enough to spend all her time bemoaning Democrat policies, and then vote twice for Obama is hardly worth paying attention to.

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