3 thoughts on “Bone”

  1. Aw, holy crap. I was there for that IFE (in-flight emergency) and watched it from the F-16 hangar where I worked as a Crew Chief. All flying was cancelled in case something bad happened to the Bone when it touched down. Fortunately, nothing more than engines FOD’d and some minor damage to the nose landing gear door and radome.

  2. IIRC, two engines were shut down before landing and just windmilling. Very little to no damage other than dust. The other two were T-Handled (emergency shutdown) at touchdown. Most damage to turbofans and turbojets (there’s a difference) is to the first couple of fan/blade stages. Dents and dings to the blades. Some can be blended back to operational shape, others must be R&R. After that, most of the chunks are pretty much ground up and spit out the back of the motor without further damage. Maybe borescope inspection but that’s about all.
    OTOH, flying through clouds of volcanic dust is deadly. The dust adheres to and coats the blades. Coated blades don’t compress air properly, messing up the air/fuel mixture in the combustion section, causing flameouts. Bad juju. I remember training for four-engine flameouts in the C-5 and C-130 sims. Things get real quiet real suddenly, and lots of pretty red lights start flashing.

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