3 thoughts on “Infographic: World Aircraft Carriers”

  1. Just stumbled across this.

    I would point out the PLAN CV-16 Liaoning will be staffed largely by conscripts, which will negatively effect its combat capabilities long run. Must of the conscripts are rural (67%) with little knowledge of modern technology, and unable to pay the bribe to avoid service. Hell, most of them are equivalent to 6th through 8th grade graduates as the family needs them working as soon as possible. They also have to be politically pure and not be under investigation, which rules out most of the few rural candidates who did – somehow, in spite of China’s policies – manage to obtain modern technology.

    That also wipes out most of the Urban “Middle Class” who, having grown up largely in special economic zones with access to the internet and television, tend to be in favor of increasingly liberated economic policies and opposed to the way their government runs things. Those few who are interested, tend to use the PLA more as a means of joining The Party than out of a love for country.

    And if you thought are boys in uniform weren’t being paid enough, the Chinese get even less, both in real terms and in comparison to the standard of living. Which means spending time in the PLA is likely to hurt one’s family.

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