Kerry Wants Iran in Syria Negotiations? “It’s mind-numbing.”

John Kerry and  Sergei Lavrov  in Moscow

John Kerry wants Iran involved in mediation in Syria.

“You have a forest fire that’s raging and you’re calling in some of the arsonists … to discuss the best way to put it out,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights group. “It’s mind-numbing.”

Our allies, the French?  They want no part of Iran in Syrian negotiations.  Neither do ex-pat Syrians.  The Russians?  All for it.

Either John Kerry is dim-witted to the point of disability, or he is a traitor.  Or working for one.  The more he sells America’s safety to Iran, the less any other possibility remains.

Enemies, domestic.

10 thoughts on “Kerry Wants Iran in Syria Negotiations? “It’s mind-numbing.””

  1. ““You have a forest fire that’s raging and you’re calling in some of the arsonists … to discuss the best way to put it out,” ”
    Not much point putting out fires whilst people are starting new ones

    Peace talks *have* to include the people you are shooting, otherwise they are pointless.
    Both Japan and Germany signed the instruments of surrender that ended the second world war….

    Like it or not, Iran is an interested party in Syria, no plan that they arent on board with can have a serious chance of success.

    1. So, Iran has been exporting terrorism in the region and propping up Assad, and supporing Hezbollah for many years. What plan is it that they will be “on board” with? And how do we keep them “on board”? Sanctions?

    2. Difference is that Germany & Italy didn’t talk, they just surrendered. That’s what the word “unconditional” means. 😉

      Iran, on the other hand, is run by congenital terrorist-enablers. Their overall strategic objective is to prepare the world for the Mahdi.

  2. We have replaced the NCA and Cabinet leadership with upper class twits. Let’s see if America or the world notices.

  3. Doesn’t matter. All LIV hears is some weirdo claiming there are permissible types of rape from MSM. They then vote for the other idiots, who cloak their moronity in nicer language, even though they are perfectly happy to sell everything away as long as they get to their version of a socialist utopia for a little while longer before one of the wolves eats them too.

    I must be crankier than I thought.

  4. I think it is most likely that he is both. He is not overly bright, or he would not have behaved as he did during the Vietnam War, nor would he be as dishonest as he is . If selling out the country advances the Glory of SecState Kerry, then sold out is shall be.

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