10 thoughts on “NY/NJ/CT/MA In Path Of Major ‘Winter Weather Event’ |”

  1. Ummm…..14″ in Boston isn’t actually much of an event. Don’t get me wrong….I don’t want to shovel it, but…I’ll wait to see.

  2. Snow totals will be modest through most of New England. But ambient temps will be around -20 up here, with wind chills in the -35 range in exposed areas in Vermont.

    Plus, rumor has it, an ice storm is forecast for Monday.

    Show of hands, who would like to see Al Gore handcuffed in his skivvies to a parking meter in eastern Vermont?

    1. Meh, he’ll be covered in snow in ten minutes. And it might just be a lesson in global warming he won’t forget. If he survives.

    2. You would have to pay BIG money. Oh, and when the family got together the day after Christmas, we DID talk about Obamacare.

      But I don’t think our conversation was quite what Barry intended….

  3. You guys enjoy that weather front. It came through Ohio yesterday and it SUCKS.

    It’s 15 degrees right now with a predicted high on Monday of -3.

    Oh, lookie! Weather Underground has another alert for me. Winter Storm watch from late Saturday to late Sunday night.

    I could use some warmening right about now… :-/

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