Guadalcanal Low Level Attack

To steal some content from ArthurK, here’s a pic of Japanese Betty bombers making a torpedo attack the day after the initial landings on Guadalcanal.

Actually, the low planes would likely have to climb a bit for the actual drop. Too low a an altitude at drop, and the fish might broach and lose control.

US doctrine had drops made from roughly 100 feet at the beginning of the war, but by wars end, the envelope for successful drops was much bigger.


3 thoughts on “Guadalcanal Low Level Attack”

  1. Those Bettys were a long way from Rabaul. No armor, no self-sealing tanks, no escorts, and attacks after the first week lacked surprise. Dutiful aircrews to be sure.

    Very few of our current aircraft inventory has that kind of unrefueled range.

  2. Imagine that, landing a whole Division, while the enemy still could challenge in the air and at sea. Because everybody knew amphibious landings would fail. Just look at Gallipoli….

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