Clueless Stupidity from Rep. Annie Kuster (D-NH)

Annie Kuster was in a “town hall” Q&A about the Middle East, when the question was asked about House Resolution 36, the resolution to establish a House Select Committee on Benghazi.   Take it away, Annie.

Not only did Kuster apparently not know that a “House Resolution” emanates from the very same House of Representatives of which she is (nominally, at least) a part, she wasn’t even aware of the existence of HR36.   Nor could she find Benghazi on a map.  Note how her people cut things off in order to stop the intellectual bleeding, but it was a little late for that.  She looked like the vapid, uninformed nincompoop she is.  And Kuster’s answers are typical of the level of understanding that many of the far-left “feel good” liberal candidates have about the world around them, the economy, health care, and most of the other important topics of the day.

Hey, New Hampshire voters, at least the ones with the “Kuster for Congress” bumper stickers, this imbecile is YOUR fault.  Her stupidity is YOUR stupidity.   Revel in how incompetent your candidate is.   And wonder not why I assume you to be similarly uninformed and ignorant when I see that thing on your car.   You voted for a moron.

H/t to Delta Bravo!!!

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