Israel, Alone



Word comes tonight that the so-called “Iran + 5+ 1” talks have reached a preliminary agreement.   Reuters tells the story.

The Western powers, including the United States, will ease sanctions against Iran, including releasing tens of billions of dollars in Iranian assets worldwide, resuming oil and precious metals trade, and importation of aircraft parts, for Iranian promises to suspend weapons-grade uranium enrichment.

Some say that Iran’s anti-US and anti-Israel rhetoric is not to be taken seriously, that Iran’s interests and those of the United States make rapproachment a logical move by both countries.  That it is interests, and not ideology, that determines the course of a nation’s statecraft.   There is talk that new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a moderate who represents a significant shift in Iran’s policies and objectives from his predecessor, the mercurial Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Believe none of it.  The trappings of office of Iran’s Presidency are so much window dressing.  It is the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, who is the holder of power.  This is the same Khamenei whom, less than a week ago, predicted the “extinction” of Israel.

In essence, any Iranian pledge to suspend uranium enrichment is unverifiable, any agreement unenforceable.  Iran has been given license, and international recognition of its “right”, to enrich uranium for any purpose it chooses, handed to them by a weak, amateurish, bumbling Obama Administration.  Israel, the only western-style democracy in the Middle East and vital US ally, has been cut adrift.  She stands alone, precariously, while her neighbors plot her destruction with, for all intent, the permission of the United States.

This deal, if reports are accurate, is the biggest American foreign policy catastrophe in the history of this nation.  We have sold our honor for a promise.  And with that honor, sold the security of our ally.   Like Munich, this dark episode in Geneva may be a precursor to the slaughter of many of the Jewish race.   Israel is not Czechoslovakia, however.  Benjamin Netanyahu has no intention of capitulating.  Which of course means that war in the Middle East just became far more likely than less.  Tensions are not eased, but heightened.

Interestingly, Netanyahu is in Moscow, and not Washington, during this crucial period.   He has little regard for Obama, believes Obama to be untrustworthy, weak, and more than a bit anti-Israel.   With good reason.   The shameful events of November 23rd, 2013 may not lead to war, or to Israel’s destruction.  But if we are fortunate enough to avoid that eventuality, it will be Israel, and not the United States, that will prevent that outcome.   Israel now stands entirely alone.  Because the greatest nation on earth has leaders without the courage and honor to stand with its allies, and without the character to recognize that the promise of peace at the expense of the security of your friends is no peace at all.

Weep for our Republic.   The price of our folly will be the lives and liberty of our posterity.   Our leaders are without shame.  Which brings shame upon us all.


Just yesterday, we reflected on the death of a President whom, in his Inaugural Address said:

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty. …

Fifty years is a very long time in America, it would seem.


The real impact of the Iran “deal” is nicely summed up by John Bolton, who calls the Obama Administration “feckless” and the agreement “abject surrender”.   Difficult in the extreme to argue the contrary, if one has any grip on reality.

This interim agreement is badly skewed from America’s perspective.  Iran retains its full capacity to enrich uranium, thus abandoning a decade of Western insistence and Security Council resolutions that Iran stop all uranium-enrichment activities. Allowing Iran to continue enriching, and despite modest (indeed, utterly inadequate) measures to prevent it from increasing its enriched-uranium stockpiles and its overall nuclear infrastructure, lays the predicate for Iran fully enjoying its “right” to enrichment in any “final” agreement.  Indeed, the interim agreement itself acknowledges that a “comprehensive solution” will “involve a mutually defined enrichment program.”  This is not, as the Obama administration leaked before the deal became public, a “compromise” on Iran’s claimed “right” to enrichment. This is abject surrender by the United States.

Think of it as a Nuclear Munich.

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  1. So I guess we have to hope that Israel will be able to do what we as a nation are unwilling to do.

  2. Say what you will about Putin, but he and I are right on the same page as far as Islam and Caliphates go. It is what has Putin & Bibi together today. It is why Putin took the actions he did regarding Syria – toying with “The One” was just a bonus. The current Administration can’t or won’t see that.

    1. Wiping Russian and Iraqi fingerprints off the Syrian chemical stockpile was another nice feature.

  3. I think it may be a tad harsh to lump Lord Halifax in there. Haven’t subsequently released documents shown his actions more to be playing for time to allow for rearmament than any sort of tacit approval? I get that you and I can sometimes be contemptuous of those not running at it like Churchill……but Lord Halifax the eequivalent of John Kerry?

    1. That summation of Halifax is a revisionist view. He was perfectly in line with Chamberlain in the avoidance of war on the continent at all costs. Halifax fully supported Pierre Laval’s initiatives for appeasing Hitler, and is largely considered to be the architect of British appeasement policy.

    2. But to what end? Preparing Britain or approving of Hitler. Think g Hitler would never strike Britain? He memoirs said the he did fear that and knew it would need to be repulsed. His son fought and died in North Africa.

    3. Regardless of the fate of Halifax’s son, the facts remain that Halifax (with Chamberlain’s blessing) supported and perpetuated a policy of appeasement of the Nazis. None of it in 1937-38 was with the eye of “gaining time” for Britain to fight, but in the vain and naive hope that war would be avoided by giving in to Hitler’s demands. He indicated British acquiescence to German demands for Anschluss with Austria, and was not unsympathetic to Hitler’s demand for the Sudetenland.

      No, any attempt to re-write those facts is revisionist, and if Halifax indicated he believed otherwise, his memoir (like so many in the lead-up to both World Wars) was disingenuous and self-serving.

    4. Well at least give him a notch up over Kerry for having skin in the game and having a coherent thought process (even if you disagree with it). Kerry is just stumbling around in the dark until his misshapen melon knocks into a door. Then the weight of the rocks in his noggin propels the door open and he congratulates himself for his leadership in finding the exit.

  4. “We have sold our honor for a promise.”

    A promise from a government of Muslim Mullahs, whose holy book tells me that there is no sin in lying to unbelievers. They have no intention of abiding by the treaty whatsoever.

  5. A couple of fortunate facts here regarding Israel: They have ‘the bomb’, and they’ve been thankfully colluding with Saudi Arabia, going and coming, checking their airports for possible launching spots. The minor Arab countries are also in the same shell game, so
    the Israelis are not entirely without comfort in this zone.
    incredibly – the Israelis are not entirely without

    1. Saudi Arabia and a handful of other Arab nations are a drop in the bucket compared to the security America once provided when it had honor and vision. Israel, for all intents and purposes, is alone. And it is we who caused such a situation.

  6. Israel will never be destroyed. While men, such as the maladjusted idiots in DC may betray Israel, God, in the end, will fight for Israel himself. Read Ezekial Chapters 38 & 39.

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