Everything new was once old

gCaptain has a nifty little clip of a small STOL aircraft landing on a merchant ship’s main cargo deck.


It’s been done.


OK, so the Brodie device wasn’t quite the same.  But other LSTs did operate as launch (but not recovery) platforms for light aircraft with an extremely narrow deck.


2 thoughts on “Everything new was once old”

  1. The “Arapaho” concept was intended to do this for convoy escort. The British used the M/V Atlantic Conveyor in such a fashion, making it the “3rd Flight deck” during the Falkland’s conflict.

  2. If you could do it with a light plane, they did it with the “grasshopper Air Force.” The flew Liason AC off carriers for the Morocco landings. After the AF ran off with TacAir, they became Army Aviation out of necessity.

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