DoD Training Manual: “White Privilege” and “Assume racism is everywhere, everyday”


Once again, the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) is spouting the hackneyed and bigoted drivel of racist and grievance politics, with full endorsement of the Defense Department.   Todd Starnes has the story.

“Assume racism is everywhere, everyday,” read a statement in a section titled, ‘How to be a strong ‘white ally.'”

“One of the privileges of being white is not having to see or deal with racism all the time,” the manual states. “We have to learn to see the effect that racism has.”

And it is not just bigoted drivel, but the language of Bolshevik class warfare so common in the Obama Administration:

On page 181 of the manual, the military points out that status and wealth are typically passed from generation to generation and “represent classic examples of the unearned advantages of social privilege.”

“…the unfair economic advantages and disadvantages created long ago by institutions for whites, males, Christians, etc. still affect socioeconomic privilege today,” the manual states.

DEOMI states that “full access to the resources of the club still escape the vision of equitable distribution.”

Oh, and if you’re white, you’re a racist.  Don’t bother denying it.

The military also implies that white Americans may be in denial about racism.

In a section titled, “Rationalizations for Retaining Privilege and Avoiding Responsibilities,” the military lays out excuses white people use.

“Today some white people may use the tactic of denial when they say, ‘It’s a level playing field; this is a land of equal opportunity,’” the manual reads. “Some white people may be counterattacking today by saying political correctness rules the universities or they want special status.”

DEOMI points out that if “white people are unable to maintain that the atrocities are all in the past, they may switch to tactics to make a current situation seem isolated.”

The military concludes the section by urging students to “understand and learn from the history of whiteness and racism” and “support the leadership of people of color.”

As for Congressman Allan West, a black man who served in the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in Iraq?  Not a fan.

West said he is very concerned about the training guide.

“When the president talked about fundamentally transforming the United States of America, I believe he also had a dedicated agenda of going after the United States military,” he said. “The priorities of this administration are totally whacked.”

I fear Congressman West is entirely correct.  So do many others.  And that Obama is weeding out those in senior ranks who disagree with his socialist-communist secular progressive agenda, using trumped-up charges and reasons, and replacing them with supplicant political lap dogs and ideological fellow travelers.   The relief of General Carter Ham and RADM Gaouette certainly fit that description.  Perhaps the tales of negligence and misconduct on the part of senior Officers tasked with security of our strategic deterrence (nuclear) forces point to the same reasons.  How convenient for Obama, since he desires unilateral American nuclear disarmament.  After all, this Administration and the President himself have few qualms about fabricating stories, obfuscating truth, and when necessary, lying outright.

Another senior retired general told TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity, because he still provide services to the government and fears possible retribution, that “they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or do not toe the party line. Remember, as (former White House chief of staff) Rahm Emanuel said, never waste a crisis.”

For this despicable Reverend Jeremiah Wright-style excrement being forced upon US service members, Chuck Hagel and Marty Dempsey are responsible.  Gents, you own it.  You allowed it to happen, if not encouraged it.  Neither of you are fit to be followed in any fashion.  You should both resign forthwith, and would do so if you hadn’t already sold your honor.
The DEOMI student guide goes on to state:
If one group is privileged over others on the basis of something like race or religion, this institutionalizes discrimination and bigotry.
That would certainly explain how Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sibelius, and Jeh Johnson got where they are.   And why such divisive Saul Alinsky-style 60s radical propaganda makes its way into the US Government.

11 thoughts on “DoD Training Manual: “White Privilege” and “Assume racism is everywhere, everyday””

  1. Sounds exactly like Bolshevism. The language is straight up out of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s playbook. The military is supposed to fight as one integrated unit for a common goal and all that the (d)iversity (d)irectorate does is slice and dice people so they are pitted against each other – just like the political parties. Honestly, where are the Colonels? How long are people going to put up with this divisive and cancerous crap? They can’t all be blind to it…can they?

  2. “where are the Colonels?” -Haven’t you been watching? any who do not tow the line are being purged from the ranks. They’re building a killing machine and we’re in their sights.

  3. What incompetent let this garbage into the military? How can we fix it? Through elected officials? Through Officer corps? Through the Enlisted? Goddammit the military is/was the last place where everyone really does get to start out on fairly equal footing! You’d think that would appeal to someone genuinely interested in equality as many of these claim to be but apparently thats not enough for these cretins, or they actually Are trying to weaken and undermine or nation and its institutions!

    1. What you call weaken and undermine, they call “change”and “transform”. Deliberate? Oh yeah.

  4. The time for a reckoning, for a house cleaning that sets the future of the country to one direction or another, seems necessary. This kind of blatant divisive bullshit will not stand unchallenged. No one pushing such filth is working towards a more cohesive military, but deliberately attempting to divide and destroy it. Wherever and whenever this trash is spewed at officres and troops, it needs to bchallenged and opposed.

  5. Er, last sentence should read – “Wherever and whenever this trash is spewed at officers, ncos, and troops, it needs to be challenged and opposed.”

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