The worst part about returning from a road trip is the list of chores longer than the trip I just took!


MoH recipient Dakota Meyer interested in running for Congress.

I think the last MoH in Congress was Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey.


Our post clear back in July on the Future Vertical Lift program prompted an email from the PAO, with the following press announcement.

[scribd id=172861825 key=key-vmyxs8kit7hlm0cnlf9 mode=scroll]

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether that fully allays the fear of a technology demonstration program being leveraged into a prototyping and procurement program.


God knows I think the service academies should get out of the NCAA Div I football business, but this is just more #ShutDownKabuki.

Why is the government shuttering events and places NOT funded via appropriated funds?


I think there is a place for a small corvette or light frigate in our fleet structure. But Lazarus at Information Dissemination is spot on that our Navy can get by without them, but it would be disastrous to build our fleet around them.

He’s on a little weaker ground on the LCS front, where I think we get the worst of both worlds, but then, I don’t think he’s explicitly endorsing LCS. Just noting one of the drivers for increased size.


Hopefully I can catch up on chores soon, and post some more pics of Sox. What else do you want to talk about?

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  1. The Old DEs were a good thing to have in the fleet mix, but the Navy did not build the fleet around them. They were a relatively cheap and quickly and easily built ships that could be turned out with the type of armament and equipment needed to go after Subs. From the looks of things, the Navy doesn’t think we’ll have to go after Subs anymore.

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