Reflections on 9/11

My own reflections are of shock, pain, anger, such welling anger and a feeling of helplessness, a frustration that I could do nothing to influence the events of the day.

Steeljaw Scribe  was present at the Pentagon that day.

“Admiral, we’ve taken a hit…and we’re on fire”
Tuesday, 11 Sep 2001 0937:25. Reflexively I glanced at my watch at the moment of impact, burning the time into my memory as I passed to my boss who was in Memphis for a promotion board that we had just been struck.

“Sir, looks like we’ve been hit pretty bad – I have to go. Will try to reach you via cell as possible.”

And with that I completed a voice report that I never imagined I would be making from a shore station. Over the years, through ramped up tensions during the Cold war and in the Gulf I always had in the back of my mind the possibility of having to make just such a call. Never under these conditions…

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