The Syria Distraction

DaveO over at Op-for has a GREAT piece for us.

Syria versus Trust in Government

As America’s thought leaders present Syria as worthy of your moral outrage, remember it is just a distraction. The real battle is the steady erosion of trust in our government. When enough people distrust a government, there’s a Lexington and Concord, or a Bull Run, not a Damascus.

Go read the whole thing.  Every single word.  He is absolutely correct in everything he says.


1 thought on “The Syria Distraction”

  1. What really irks me is that the behavior of Syria towards its people is no different than what a lot of other countries across the world have done, but they avoided the type of media coverage and pleas for action “for the sake of the citizens.” What the hell makes Syria different than half the countries in Central or West Africa?

    I remember a time (late 90’s / pre-Sept 2001) when hippies used to protest and complain about all the horrible things the Taliban was doing in Afghanistan with regard to women’s rights and free speech. The exact same people were bitching about us being over there within 6 years, despite the country harboring people who masterminded the attacks and plotted against America constantly.

    Lets say we go full bore in Syria, regime change, nation building, all that (because if we want to see a Western democracy take root, we’re going to have to plant the seed, literally). How many years do the hippies want us to spend over there? What’s my timetable, you worthless liberal arts major?

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