Roamy roundup

A little outdated (Curiosity passed 1 km in June), but still a pretty neat graphic.
h/t Col. Chris Hadfield, who also brings us this bit of trivia. “With no gravity to compress the soft tissues in the throat, astronauts don’t snore in space.”
The astronauts onboard the ISS were able to recreate the leak in Luca Parmitano’s spacesuit, so now they know what to ship back to Earth for failure analysis.
Cool pic of a Delta IV Heavy launch on Wednesday from Vandenburg Air Force Base. Payload was an NRO satellite.

3 thoughts on “Roamy roundup”

  1. What causes the expansion and contraction of the exhaust plume? It almost looks like a pulse.

  2. They seem so much more defined in jet exhaust. But, jet exhaust is less powerful than rocket exhaust, which could effect the shape , I guess.

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