6 thoughts on “Very Cold Launch”

  1. Desert Tortise would not like seeing an S-300 fail. He seems awfully fond of them.

    1. I had that very thought myself. For our other readers, Desert Tortoise is a commenter at Commander Salamander’s blog who thinks the S-300 makes airspace inviolable.

      It *IS* a very formidable system. But it isn’t perfect. I’ll say this, though, BadgerBuddy. The S-300 is actually a family of missiles, with quite varying characteristics, and as best I can tell, this is one of the early variants.

  2. Wow, glad I’m not the poor SOB that has to blow that in place. Although it’d be cool to watch it go, don’t think I’d want to be the guy placing the charges.

  3. The other handy trick is to put the launch tube off-axis so if the bird’s motor fails to ignite, it falls AWAY from the launcher.

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