Lesson to parents of Scouts – if they don’t get it done during the summer, it might not happen for a while. In July 2012, I posted this. I didn’t think it would be a full year later for posting the “after” pics. For one, my son was senior patrol leader for a while, and that seemed to take all of his time and energy. Not only did he stall on his Eagle project, but he stalled on badgework, too. For another, paperwork sure likes to fall through the cracks. One of the adult leaders called me last fall with some great ideas for Rocketboy’s Eagle project, and I answered, “I thought you’d already seen his proposal!”

Anyway, I am proud of what my son has accomplished, with a lot of help. Take a look!

One more before shot-
IMG 096 crop

And the after-
IMG 121 crop
The star still looks wet.
IMG 123 crop
Someone else’s project on the right.
IMG 125 crop
The muffler was a rusty mess before.
IMG 127 crop

Many thanks to Home Depot for donating the consumables and giving us a discount on the hardware and to Kroger for donating sandwiches, snacks, and water. The two other Scouts working on their Eagle ranks put in a lot of sweat equity, so turnabout is fair play – Mr. RFH and Rocketboy helped on one’s project today, and we expect to help the other when it’s his turn.

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  1. Glad he got it done. And now, the paperwork…
    I always felt they should add a “bureaucracy” merit badge to the mix!

    1. Well, my local Home Depot is located on the Wisconsin River, so it’s mostly Naval supplies. I stopped by there yesterday for a box of 40mm Bofors, as duck season isn’t that far off.

    1. TM 9-whateverthehellitis prohibits the use of AmorAll on tires. But when I was a driver for the BDE XO, I seemed to have not noticed that prohibition.

  2. In 14 years as a Scoutmaster, I found that all 25 of my Eagles made it across the line because of their Moms. Congrats to you, Roamy, for keeping him at it, in addition to congrats to him for getting it done. Making Eagle is incredibly difficult. Estimates range from 3-5% who start the Trail actually finish it.

    1. He still has some badgework left to do, but this was a giant step towards finishing, and he still has eleven months before he turns 18. This is a very good troop in terms of getting the boys to finish their Eagles – they are probably closer to 50%.

  3. Congrats!

    My son got a big boost on his merit badges by knocking out 10 in 1 summer, 6 Eagle required (2008). By the following summer camp he had only 1 left to do…Environmental Science (2009). He had helped 2 other boys on their projects that summer on expansion and upgrade at the nature trail at a local junior college. He got the idea to build 2 bridges to cross 2 streams to further expand the trail. He got organized pretty quickly and in 10 weeks raised the funds needed by having 2 car washes (our local community is AWESOME in supporting such endeavors), arranged for the bridges to be prebuilt and had the install day. He had all of this by mid-November…and I could see he was starting to coast. I was fine with that but he had said he didn’t like the new Eagle badge for 2010 (the Centennial Badge) so I had said why don’t you try to get it done by the end of the year. And then I told him several of the adults had stated he couldn’t get it done.

    Well that did it!

    He had his Eagle board of review on 18 DEC…and his packet was signed at National at 1625 on 23 DEC 09…the last Eagle Packet approved for calendar year 2009 (I asked.)

    Like your son he was SPL…but he also played varsity volleyball and completed his Pope Pius XII medal that fall as well.

    All this was him not the wife & me. Kept his grades up as well.

    I definitely let him slack off over Christmas.

    While I was an Assistant Scoutmaster (I had been SM for 5 years prior) it was all him and the other adults. Other than driving him around and cooking for the workers during their work times we didn’t do a thing for him.

    But we have a great group of parents who always jump in and assist for each Scout.

    And tell him to finish up the merit badge work….I had a kid sitting in my kitchen 2 months ago 3 days before his 18th birthday! He finished the Citizenship in the Nation MB that night…Communications the next morning and had his BOR that night!

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