You can lower the standard on paper, but you can’t lower it on the battlefield.

The Washington times tells us:

The Pentagon staged a press briefing last week to announce a two-year study to refine combat physical standards and find the best way to install women in the male bastion of infantry, armor and special operations. A decision on which combat roles will be open to women is expected in 2015.

It is the special “ops” group — with its secretive isolation in small teams where physical stamina matters most — that has commandos the most nervous.

“The only option now is to offer reasons why they can’t do it,” said an Army special operations veteran who believes U.S. Special Operations Command will cave to White House demands to include women. “I haven’t heard that anyone has the courage to say they can’t do it, either. Maybe the new [military occupational specialty] can be 18P — Special Forces camp follower. Is that PC enough?”

An ArmySpecial Forces soldier said the qualification course at Fort Bragg, N.C., to earn the Green Beret is so demanding that the Army will have to lower standards for some tasks in able for women to succeed.

I simply cannot fathom the fanatical push by the feminists and the the Administration to integrate combat arms. And worse, GEN Dempsey, who has long sworn that the standards would not be lowered, has, of course, quickly decided that the standards need to be revisited:

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that if a service wants to keep a job as a male-only occupation because of its high physical demands, the service will have to show why those tests should not be lowered to accommodate women.

An army of mid-grade officers will conduct studies and generate reams of paper that show the existing standards aren’t really the best methodology of choosing warriors. The grueling physical standards will suddenly be unrealistic.  

And it will all be a sham, of course.

No soldier has ever come back from battle and said “I was too fit, too strong, had too much  endurance.”

These standards are the bare minimum.

And as for the argument about equality…

Service is a privilege, not a right.

If we’re going to go around tossing out standards, why not the standard that says members must be either US citizens, or permanent resident aliens (legitimate green card holders).?

Or why are we excluding from enlistment the mentally handicapped? Persons with cerebral palsy or who are blind? Or deaf?

Not once has anyone put forth a realistic argument that the addition of women to combat arms, let along special operations forces, will increase or enhance to combat capability of those forces. And they never will, because it doesn’t.

Rocket City Bloggers night

Welcome to any new visitors because of the Rocket City Bloggers meet-up! I should have put up a greeting sooner, but I found out my great-aunt passed away, so there were higher priority things to take care of.

The Huntsville/Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau hosted a very nice party tonight, catered by 3 Skillets (nom nom nom). The main goal for the Bureau is to increase visibility and tourism for Huntsville, especially with so many in the hospitality industry. Coming November 6-8 is the Social Media Tourism Symposium. Huntsville beat several larger cities in a contest to host the event.

I already knew Bo Williams from our days on the hsv.general newsgroup, and boy, was he pissed to find out I’d been secretly blogging all this time. Sorry! Sort of crossing the streams between the introvert engineer in real life and extrovert blogging diva here.

I’d like to give shoutouts to Rocket City Mom, The Dining Dragon, Stuff to Do, and One Unity Media. Special shoutout to Terri at Simply Saving Fashion. I gave her an idea for a new post (I will be checking!), and I also won the spa door prize she sponsored. It was a great evening, and I stayed longer than I expected, even with the steamy temperatures tonight.

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Pro-Gun Obama


It appears President Barack Obama has approved the sending of ammunition and small arms to Syrian rebels.    Seems Obama believes that guns are necessary to allow citizens to defend themselves against corrupt and oppressive regimes who treat their political opponents as mortal enemies.

Which is precisely why I believe in the Second Amendment.  Just as our Founding Fathers did.

Hey Barack, lemme know when my AR-15 and case of 5.56 are gonna be delivered, will you?  So I can help the guy haul it off the porch.

Oh, and thank the taxpayers for me.

See ya at the range.   Make sure Biden wears ear muffs.  His earplugs keep falling into his head.  I lost three pairs in there already.

(Photo courtesy of

OK, Maybe it won’t buff out…

We posted a pic That’ll Buff Right Out a few days ago. The container vessel MOL Comfort suffered a failure of the hull structure, and broke in two. The crew abandoned ship and were safely recovered.

Cones now news from gCaptain that the stern section has sunk. The forward section is under tow right now. If they manage to get that into port, it may go a long way to determining exactly what cause the failure of a relatively new ship.


“Hoss” Cartwright Subject of Stuxnet Leak Probe


NBC has the story.

This is hardly the first time General Cartwright has spoken out of turn.  At the 2010 USNI/AFCEA West conference, then- DCJCS Cartwright spoke openly of Constitutional barriers to Military authority as “obstacles to mission accomplishment”.    I’d also heard him a couple times discussing information I was not aware was public knowledge on the subject of private-sector/government cooperation regarding network security, and pontificating on private-sector capabilities to essentially launch cyber “counterattacks”.   I do imagine there were some important people less than pleased to hear such things on C-Span.

While Cartwright may have been the one who conceptualized the idea of introducing the Stuxnet virus to Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, and though the tactic appears to have worked well enough as a temporary setback for Iran, I would hope he would have been professional enough to have understood that his recognition must necessarily be out of the public eye.  If he is found to have been the source of the Stuxnet leak, it stinks like grandstanding of the worst kind.

Hell, he had STRATCOM, he was Defense Executive of the Year at GCN Magazine.  He should be smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut.  Though, going by previous commentary, I am not so sure.

As the REAL Hoss would say, “Dadburnit!”

Nuttin’, Honey

It’s a very slow day in my Brain Housing Group.

Still waiting to hear word on Chaplain Harvey’s bid to become a Navy Chaplain. That will be his third branch of service. I’m still working on a path to get him in the Air Force.


Prop 8. So basically, you have initiative powers so the people can bypass an unresponsive state government, but then an ally or lackey of that very same unresponsive government can judge shop to get the initiative overturned (because the state refuses to defend it), and the very people who brought the initiative have no standing to defend it.

Seems like the SCOTUS just told us that the people have no right to a say in how their government is formed or operated.


I’m scarred for life.


Frederick Von Stuben’s NCO “Blue Book.”

You never know what you’re going to run into at the Pritzker Military Library. I’ve been a member now for just under a year and I’m usually there weekly doing research on something for the blog.

Last night was a new member tour and I happened to run into this:


That’s Fredrick Von Stuben’s NCO “Blue Book.” Published in 1779 (I think) this is one of 3 copies in existence.

Go to to find out the rest.

In 1779, Von Steuben’s publication, “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States,” was ready to be printed. Due to the war, however, there was a scarcity of paper. The first printer decided to bind the book with the blue paper he had on hand. This is how the book got the nickname: The Blue Book. In March of 1779, Congress endorsed it and ordered it to be used throughout the Army. Many of the state militias also adopted the Blue Book. In 1792, Washington pushed through the Uniformed Militia Act, which included the use of Von Steuben’s regulations.

Each respective owner has signed the book as it’s passed on to the next. This copy is available for viewing in the rare book room at the Pritzker Military Library in beautiful downtown Chicago, IL. There are other interesting things here in addition the huge military book collection.

Cutaway Thursday: Grumman Design 619 (Space Shuttle)

I find cutaways for different airplanes out there on the interwebs and post them over on The Lexicans but I thought this one was cool to share here as a “what if.”


Note the wingtip location of the RCS and yes, those are turbofans.
Here’s the Grumman 619 in flight:

Note the outboard toeing of the SRB nozzles and the ventral fins on the EFT.


I went back to the stack-‘o-stuff and found this:


It offers an interesting size comparison between the USSR’s Buran (left) and the US’s STS (shuttle transportation system) (right).

Is Arctic Permafrost the “Sleeping Giant” of Climate Change? – NASA Science

Flying low and slow above the pristine terrain of Alaska’s North Slope research scientist Charles Miller of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory surveys the white expanse of tundra and permafrost below…CARVE is short for the “Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment.” Now in its third year, the airborne campaign is testing the hypothesis that Arctic carbon reservoirs are vulnerable to warming, while delivering the first source-maps of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane.

via Is Arctic Permafrost the "Sleeping Giant" of Climate Change? – NASA Science.

I call climate change “weather”. It has changed and will change through the centuries. There’s no model that has predicted correctly the last 15 years of temperatures, so perhaps gathering more data on the permafrost and atmosphere will help fix these models so we don’t get any more hysterical hockeysticks.

If nothing else, I was amused by them referring to the C-23 Sherpa as “a UPS truck with a bad nose job.”

URR just kicked a puppy.

This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here » Blog Archive » Dempsey to be renominated.

President Obama said Wednesday he will renominate two top military aides: Gen. Martin Dempsey as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Adm. Sandy Winnefeld as vice chair.

“These two distinguished military leaders have earned my trust and that of the American people,” Obama said in a statement.