18 Firefighters Dead In Yarnell Hill Fire

Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the 18 firefighters lost today from the Prescott, AZ Granite Mountain Hot Shots.

Prescott Fire Department confirmed 18 firefighters have died while battling the Yarnell Hill fire on Sunday night. They’re part of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots.
The wildfire was likely caused by a lightning strike Saturday night.
The Yarnell Hill fire, about 35 miles southwest of Prescott, has burned about 1,300 acres and forced the evacuation of 50 homes.
The fire started Friday and has not yet burned down any structures, but Sunday night firefighters pushed the blaze back away from communities, hoping to keep the blaze from overtaking any homes.

Fighting wildfires can be incredibly dangerous.  My platoon and I were called out once to fight a small, rather routine grass fire on post at Ft. Carson, CO, once.  A slight change of wind, and standing in a copse of woods came dangerously close to killing me an another soldier. Until you’ve actually seen the speed and ferocity with which a fire can spread, you cannot really grasp how dangerous, deadly, such a fire is.

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