22 thoughts on “Don’t Be This Guy”

  1. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and/or wiser. Hopefully. Maybe? Please?

    P.S. I nearly puked my coffee at the midway point when I thought you guys violated the prime directive by posting a video of some doofus killing himself. . . it’s my birthday for dern sake. Happy thoughts today. Happy thoughts.

  2. This is what will happen if the government ever takes firearms safety training away from the NRA.

  3. I would have thought, that in order to be even considered as having future Darwin Award potential, that the depicted act would have had to have been real instead of staged.

  4. I cannot believe that this is real. Nobody can be that dumb. Or am I naive to think that. I just can’t believe it was a setup. Filming himself shooting water bottles from 3 yards and looking down the barrel like that. It’s not real, it can’t be real…

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