Daily Dose of Splodey


The Naval Strike Missile is a relatively small, long range precision anti-ship missile that the US is also working with Norway to develop into the Joint Strike Missile for use with the F-35 and other air launched platforms. No word on whether it will be used by the US as a surface launched weapon, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised, given the need to replace Harpoon eventually.

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    1. The explosion? It hit the ship. The ship was an old Norwegian frigate that was decommissioned, and was being used as a target. It’s a very common practice.

  1. Ohhh … sry i was tired last nite. Forgive me was a Soldier in my past life. Still have an affinity for the Navy because of my Grandfather (officer during WWII) but didn’t want to be stuck out in the ocean. Although growing up on the East Coast, I love the ocean and enjoyed going out with him on his boat and also now with my father law (a Coastie). Still can’t fish for crap – would rather fire an M-16 at the fish.

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