Boeing furthers Ground-Launched SDB – News – Shephard

The company is modifying the Ground-Launched SDB so it can be operated from systems such as the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), using a rocket motor to gain enough altitude and speed to deploy its wings and glide to the designated target.

Jeff Ayers, Boeing director of cruise missile systems, said the variant was attracting early interest from potential customers and the company was looking to carry out a demonstration next year.

‘One of the concepts we have been working in the weapons factory is taking a booster and applying it to SDB. It is a really fascinating capability – whereas typical MLRS systems follow a ballistic trajectory, in this particular case you are launching an SDB to the altitude you want and then you can fly a trajectory to the target,’ Ayers said.

via Boeing furthers Ground-Launched SDB – News – Shephard.

Well, there’s an interesting idea. And if you can mate an autonomous anti-radiation seeker, you’d have a nice SEAD/DEAD* weapon.


*SEAD- Suppresion of Enemy Air Defenses/DEAD-Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses.

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