Caturday- Day Late Edition

I was on the road pretty much all day yesterday, so no content from your humble host. But I have a couple pics of Sox. And now, you do too!




13 thoughts on “Caturday- Day Late Edition”

    1. No, he’s usually in a fairly good mood. Apparently, his food dish was empty when these were taken, so that goes a long way to explain his demeanor here.

    1. No, the possum was at the old house. He’s got ducks, geese, finches, crows, squirrels, rabbits and the occasional coyote that come visit now. And because of the last, he’s still very much an indoor kitty.

    2. I thought you moved, but I wasn’t sure. I moved into a small cabin myself on May 1. Last Friday, I had an Adventure In Plumbing. We have hard water here in Baraboo, and the shower head was down to 3 working holes. So I went over to Home Depot, and bought a dual head shower head. After I installed it, I was wondering which head came on first, the standard/massaging one, or the detachable one, as the diverter valve was not labelled. My brain told my arm, “turn on the shower just enough that we get a trickle out of one head or the other, so we will know which valve setting is which”. Alas, my arm heard, “turn on the shower”. man, I got cold and wet fast! The head with the massager comes on first by the way.
      Does Sox object to being a house cat?

      1. Sox has always been an indoor kitty, so he doesn’t really grasp that outside is reality. It’s like a big screen tv to him.

    1. You’re just a bipedal potential protein source to him. If he ever figures out long term curing, drying and storage, your days are numbered.

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