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Israeli air raid on Hezbollah weapons in Syria?

Hardly surprising. The IAF has a long history of strikes against high value targets in neighboring countries. And even some countries way the heck and gone away.


Some folks are starting to realize that the GOFO ranks might be just a touch bloated.

The Navy is the focus of the article, but they’re hardly the only sinners here.



As far as I can tell, the LA Fire Department’s S-70 Firehawks are the only civil registered Sikorsky Hawk type helicopters in the US.



Almost time for the Kentucky Derby. Guess who is a favorite among veterans?


We poked fun at the Navy’s pink helicopters yesterday, but here’s a pic of one using a Bambi Bucket to help fight the wildfires ravaging Ventura County.


We’ve seen a lot of press about Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea and western Pacific. But they’re also being a tad un-neighborly toward India.

If this was a Pakistani incursion, India would be shooting already.


Have some Sox:




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  1. The S-70’s belong to LA County and not the LA city Fire Department, small but important difference. Additionally it might interest folks to know that those S-70’s are not certified by the FAA they are operated under the public use part of the FARs.

    The S-70 has never been certified for civilian use by the FAA. For what reason I don’t know. More than likely Sikorsky makes enough money with military sales of the Black Hawk and civil certification might impact sales of the S-92…just spitballin’

    1. I don’t know WHY I wrote LAFD when I know it is LA county that owns them.

      But I didn’t realize they weren’t certified. And I’ve long been surprised they never marketed them to the civ market here. The S-92 project came quite a while after the S-70 went into production.

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