No Money for Diapers?



I know I can’t take pictures, or video, without facing a lawsuit.  I dearly wish I could, though it is likely that the idea of shaming some people would lead them even more to consider themselves “victims”, with the concomitant parade of State-salaried do-gooders egging them on and “advocating” for them.

Coming back from a quick lunch today, I see a very young mother, baby on her hip, toddler at her side.  She is hitting the welfare office, across the hall from me.  Her baby has a full diaper, evident as soon as I opened the hallway door.  The guy in the hallway comments to her that the kid needs a change, to which she replies that she hasn’t got any money for diapers.

What DOES she have?  Tattoos.  A bunch of them.  (No, that is not her, above.  She was bigger than that.)  Too many for me to count, not that I care to.  What else?  As I was heading TO lunch, she was out having a cigarette.  Or two, or more.

Diapers can be found for about fifteen to twenty bucks a box, containing between 60 and 100.

Cigarettes in Vermont are almost eight bucks a pack.  $72 a carton.

I don’t know what tattoos cost in Vermont these days, not having priced them.

Everything we need to know about the malignant decay of our burgeoning welfare state was standing in the hallway outside my office.  Our money goes (we think) for diapers and formula.  HER money goes for cigarettes, and Lord knows what else.  But she NEEDS our money.  She is entitled to it.  And we are bound to give it to her.  For the children.

How heartless are they who would take food out of her children’s mouths.   And the cost of the health problems caused by the tobacco usage and weight issues must, and will, be borne by all of us, except her.   Because health care is a basic human right.

Any guesses what my objection to such a paradigm has gotten me labeled as more than once?  You betcha.  Racist.  Problem is that, without exception, the many, many people of similar appointment whom I see on a routine basis there and lighting up in front of the WIC offices, are the same race as me.   Government handouts enabling a life without consequence are an addiction that robs people of pride, ambition, judgment, and morality.   And yes, that is all about race.  The Human Race.

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  1. I know whereof you speak. I was taking a ferry across Puget Sound to a job conference at PSNS last year, listening to this young man talking loudly on his iPhone, dressed in a snazzy track suit, gold jewelry and Nike shoes talking to whomever about how he was going to stop at Starbucks before his hair appointment, then swing by and pick up his welfare check.
    Whiter than I am, he was.
    I wanted to slap some sense into his fool head.

  2. I have a plan to eradicate this kind of social detriment, ask me.

  3. me thinks you would probably have a coronary incident were you to ever visit our green and pleasant land across the pond, if this gets you that worked up 🙂

    1. “This” has been a constant stream of like-people for the four years I have had my office there. No surprise, but bears comment from time to time. And, is it a coincidence that your green and pleasant land is in deep kimchee fiscally, as ours is?

    2. ” Bears comment from time to time ” I get a mental image of a bear grabbing one of those people, and telling him to, ” Get a a job “. Bears aren’t very tolerant.

    3. Your right elizzar and probably why Scotland won’t go completely independent (because of welfare and other subsistence programs). So sad in particular to me as I hold Scots in high regard and its my heritage.

  4. Mushdogs, why would you be slapping him? He’s figured a way to increase his revenue stream without increase his workload. You should be slapping your fellow voters who return their enablers into office.

    1. Mushdog should be looking to slap the whole cabal, from mister track suit to his state/federal elected officials.

  5. Stop giving them money. Start giving them weekly boxes of food and supplies, dropped off by a social worker who looks at the house to ensure the food is being put to good use and the home environment is healthy. Offer cooking, job skills, and basic child rearing classes at the office. Not required, but encouraged (maybe throw some chocolate in the box for the people who take classes). If you get caught selling the government supplied stuff (it’ll be conspicuously marked and rather poor quality) you go to jail.

    Rights? Rights are for adults, not wards of the state. There is no shame in being poor, but there is no honor in it either.

  6. Thank-you Mushdog. A caution here, this “plan” is constitutionally ugly, and is my own opinion. A lot of this has been seen before. You can’t buy anything but “fare well” items (no smokes, no alcohol, and certainly no drugs) and of course no tattoos. If you are a “baby’s daddy” (not a father, or Dad) AND its proven you’ve fathered more than three kids by 2 or more women then you are forced sterilized. Its an easier remedy to sterilize men so for now women get a by but men don’t have the corner market on being bad parents. You want to do aerobic sport sex you will be firing blanks so the system doesn’t get anymore burdened than it is. You must have a job of any variety to get social benefits and while on any subsistence given by the government you will be drug tested. Everybody has to contribute so there will be two to three year programs where in if you don’t want to be in the military, we have a public service tour for you where you won’t have to kill people but you might see why sometimes that has to be done and how its pretty nice to have clean water to defecate into back home. These public service tours can be done anywhere in the country, or world and only transportation, three hots, and a cot will be provided along with a wage. If you are on subsistence and are sent on a public service tour your wages will be adjusted to help support your family….you’re there to work and learn, not party. If anyone has really researched the CCC program one thing is glaring and that is that men back then just wanted to work to support their family as they generally felt they were not doing their job…I know, what a concept. I’d go into further detail but this covers the basics. Please understand that the Constitution is absolutely fine, and some social adjustment just may have to happen to get back to sensible responsibility, and accountability. No need to slam me with comments about violations of the Living Documents of this country….I will consider myself slammed as I type this. Thank-you for your forbearance.

    1. You’re right, Constitutionally ugly, some of it.
      Personally, I would have a real problem with forced sterilization. Even as much as I’d like to see the cycle of multiple out of wedlock births broken, smacks too much of eugenics in my books for comfort.
      How do you propose funding these public service tours? It seems to me the costs would have the potential to outweigh the benefits. I can’t see the state (because that is what we are talking about here, is “the state” taking over control of peoples lives) teaching sense, accountability, responsibility or work ethic to anyone. Those young men in the CCC (keeping in mind the CCC was for 18-25 year old unmarried men) learned those things at home, and carried that with them. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

  7. Thanks for reading with an appropriately jaundiced eye. It is so very close to eugenics your right, and in my many contemplations I’m at a loss as to the current situation’s resolution. The fact concerning the CCC workers is a sterling point….which brings me to one of mine which is that I’m a 1950 model and that isn’t that long ago and I “got” more than less the same sense of responsibility that those CCC workers had and the CCC was a ’30’s program if memory serves. Point is it wasn’t that long ago that things started going “south” like within my lifetime which isn’t that long. I hope we don’t have to go where I think we are going….enough outside (OCONUS) stuff to worry about. Also CCC was administered by the military which is interesting to me. Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. The point, really, is that the ethic, that responsibility, was fostered and encouraged by the upbringing of those individuals through their families and the examples set by others in their community. You got that sense because you had good examples, I’m guessing. It’s not lost, that sense. I was a late child, a Gen-x if you will, born to parents raised in the Depression. The work ethic I have differs not an iota from my brother, a Baby Boomer. All in how we are raised and influenced, I think. We homeschool, because we want to have the influence, the control of our child’s education, as opposed to the indoctrination they would receive at the hands of the state. Sorry if I’m kind of all over the place with my posting, had surgery day before yesterday, meds have me a little fuzzy yet, but I hope I’m at least as clear as mud.
      I would think at the time that the CCC was rolled out, and considering a lot of the work was done at remote locations/camps, that the military was probably the best equipped to roll out and facilitate the program?

  8. Entitlements are going to destroy our country. It is funny how many people think that the government has money. I try to explain to them that the government steals it’s money from people who have money. And for a long time from those same people who aren’t even born yet. But that’s ok as the day is coming faster and faster now that bill will have to be paid.

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