Atheists in Foxholes


Seems it might become policy for the US Military.  Unless you are Muslim.  Which is fine, provided you can somehow refrain from blowing up your CO with a grenade, or shooting four dozen comrades while yelling “ALLAHU AKBAR!”   And even if you do, we can conjure terms like “pre-traumatic stress” and speculate about discrimination being the cause if not the justification for such acts.

But those Christians.  They’re monsters.

Those who believe this will end up as a “common-sense” regulation against those forcing their religion, unwelcome, upon comrades and juniors must have missed the DoD genuflecting (pun intended) to Islam, Global Warming, Diversity, Gun Control, Feminism, LGBT, and the various other “religions” that General and Flag Officers spend an inordinate amount of time proselytizing as a matter of command influence.

Could one imagine the Defense Department having ANY dealings with someone who declared sharing the Koran with fellow Muslims to be “spiritual rape” and those who do so are “enemies” of the Constitution?

The reason, perhaps, that this grates so is that it is another in a long line under this Administration, with these GOFOs, of political pandering to the far-Left, anti-Christian, anti-cleric secular progressives.    With no end in sight.

But don’t worry, Marty Dempsey and your band of bended-knee political servants.  Jesus loves you.

Some of the rest of us can’t stand the sight of you.

3 thoughts on “Atheists in Foxholes”

  1. May God have mercy on our souls… and for God’s sake, will someone provide these morons with a copy of the Constitution for their reference?

  2. Really, why observe the original reason(s) Gen. Washington had chaplains (Christian) as part of the Army. Handwriting on the wall when the Armed Forces recognized as bona fide religions/faiths: American Indian Spriitualism (minus the peyote usage), Rastafarian (minus use of marijuana), and the Wiccans who can worship any oak tree they wish. I guess us Christians now have to take it on the chin for overlooking those and other religions never mind that for years thats kind of what the US Army was mostly.

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