Name ALL those planes!

Actually, this is a pretty easy one.

I’m reminded of a picture my dad used to have, very similar to this one. One each of every aircraft type stationed at NAS Whidbey when he was first stationed there in 1973 posed on the ramp. It was a wonderfully eclectic mix, with the then ultra modern A-6E and EA-6B juxtaposed with the SP-2H, C-118 and C-119 and a few other odds and ends that slip my mind. Sadly, when the folks downsized for the move to the desert, that’s one of the pics that didn’t make the cut.

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  1. I kind of remember that photo. It was in your dad’s den, I think? That and the Wizard of Id framed print that was in the dining area sticks in my mind.

      1. I remember there being a WoI cartoon, but I don’t recall what the cartoon was.

        Thought to be honest, I thought that cartoon was in the bathroom.

    1. It may have been in the head, not the dining area.
      The gist of it was “He who has the gold, makes the rules”. I don’t remember any other specifics about it, other than at age 15, that made a whole lot of sense.
      Entering xbrads dad’s den when he was in it was good training for us youngsters. You were quiet, respectful and let xbrad ask the dumb questions.

  2. Let’s see,
    B-52, B-36, B-66, B-57, B-47, C-135 or KC-135, EC-121, F-94, F-100, F-86D, H-34, F-102. Almost missed the mid-wing rocket pods on the F-94.

  3. Reminds me of the old airshows in the 70s where you would see a little bit of everything from century series on up.

  4. xbradtc and Jason:

    If Jason missed an F-86 it’s because it’s not in the photo that appears on my screen either. I wasn’t sure about the F-102 because the best way I can tell it from an F-106 is the vertical stabilizer. What about the T-37(?) to the right of the F-86? The 135 is most likely a C-135 because one should be able to see the boom in tha photo if it were a KC-135.


  5. You gotta open the picture in a new window. There’s a mess more planes that aren’t in the original picture. C-124, C-130B, T-37 (Dogwhistle), F-86, KC-97, more. The Century Fighter front/center is a 106: wasp-waist for area ruled fuselage.

    1. Not a 106 – it’s a 102. Rounded inlets are the giveaway here. Compare frontal photos on Google.

  6. Thanks xbradtc.

    Now that I can see more aircraft, I see that there is a C-124, KC-97, B-29, C-130, F-84, F-101, SA-16, and F-89.


    ps- had to use another browser to do that.

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