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Some stuff I wanted to get to but just won’t make it today.

Jason passed along an interesting article on China’s Top Guns.  The Chinese are making great strides in equipping their air forces. But can they achieve any significant level of operational training?


You’re a LTC that passes the command selection board for battalion level command. But the Army G-1 drops you from consideration. Is that common? Maybe. Especially if you’re the guy that ignited a firestorm for giving a class on Islamic extremism at National Defense University.

Any O-5s here want to weigh in?


There have been a slew of reports that a soldier reported missing in action for 44 years has been found living in Vietnam. I didn’t post anything because I was pretty damn skeptical. Looks like I may have had reason to be.

More here.


The MC-130E Combat Talon I has gone to a well earned retirement. Combat Talon II and others continue to serve.

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  1. After the command selection board meets and publishes the command selection list, then the command branch reviews all selectees’ files for derogatory information. Any CSL select officers with derogatory information are subject to a review by the command review board. This is a panel of general officers who assess your file, the derogatory information, and your rebuttal if you choose to submit one, and then vote whether to retain you on the CSL. Having gone to the CRB for an event that happened six years previously where the MPs were called when I snatched up some providers of unsatisfactory support at the Fort Lewis hospital and was unprofessionally (but warranted) mean to them, I can attest to the fact that the CRB is a long, drawn-out, and suspense-filled time. For me, it was probably at least six months just waiting in limbo. I know Matt somewhat better than in passing, and can say that he is a very sharp officer, who would make a great BN CDR. I have no idea what actually occurred with him, but suspect we don’t know all the facts, as what has been presented seems quite superficial as well as one-sided. The command select list is very competitive, with less than 20% selection rate, and a lineup of alaternates to fill in where necessary.

  2. A lot of things happen with Command Boards– Can’t say if getting booted from NDU was the cause but it likely didn’t help. I had 3 years of BQ (or KD) time but made the alternate list the next 3 boards. I have many OERs that rate COM that have better write ups than his last one. COM/ACOM isn’t the end all be-all– the enumeration in the SR block is the key piece. Guys get cut from the command list all the time. Life isn’t fair cupcake. Sadly I have seen complete incompetents make that list and higher ones (thankfully few of those) while the better officers get passed over. And yet, the Army still picks good guys to command by and large. The key piece about it is that the Army picks the best guy in the room to command. If you misstep they pick the next guy. The graveyards are full of indispensable men. This administration is well known to have the blinders on for Islam– giving a mandated course that violates those precepts is like putting a bullseye on your ass. Everyone can be replaced– Petreaus, Mattis, Allen, Stan the Man the list goes on of senior leaders removed because they did not toe the line. And the guy who takes that Battalion will probably do just as well. There are plenty of hungry LTCs out there. I used to be one of them, but the Army doesn’t care. It cares only about accomplishing its mission– it is the people in the Army who care. You have to define your own success– because the Army gets rid of everyone eventually. I have 26+ years in and as a passed over LTC (and not bitter) I just got selected for the selective early retirement board. I’ve deployed twice after my 20 mark and I continue in command to this day, but the Army has lost the need for the likes of me and is culling us for retirement. It is the way of the Big Green Machine. It will endure long after I am dust.
    LTC H (not R yet)

  3. Thank you for notifying me on the Vietnam-MIA story. You are right. Our sympathies are with the Robertson family and the false hope that this story gave them.

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